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Online radio Waterloo ABBA Hautnah Multimedia Show (in Germany) Book 'ABBA Backstage' by Ingmarie Halling

Special thanks to Björn for his 2014 greetings to us!
Björn greetings 2014

  • Special MAMMA MIA! GERMANY Ticket Offer, including an exclusive Meet & Greet with Cast Members - still some tickets left!

    In partnership with Stage Entertainment, we have put together a special and exclusive event to see Mamma Mia! in Oberhausen, Germany on May 9, 2015 at the Stage Metronom Theater. We still have a few tickets left (you will get seats next to each other if you order 2 or more tickets, of course) except PK Premium.

    All packages include:
    • A special price for the tickets on May 9, 2015, for the show at 7:30 PM
    • "All you can drink" (excludes champagne, cocktails and spirits) in a special VIP area one hour before the show starts and during the break.
    • An exclusive Meet & Greet with several members of the cast. You will be able to get some autographs and photos taken with the cast.

    Prices for tickets, including all fees and items above, plus € 3.50 postage (via registered mail):
       PK 1    € 108.00 instead of  € 139.69
       PK 2    € 93.00 instead of  € 118.99
       PK 3    € 80.00 instead of  € 106.34
       PK 4    € 67.00 instead of  € 90.24

    Please send in your binding order (number of tickets required – of course, non-ABBA members are welcome as well) via e-mail to

  • -----------------------------------------------

March 22, 2015
  • CD Rob Zuzin - On Steel Strings: A Tribute To ABBA Baltimore based guitarist Rob Zuzin has released his CD "On Steel Strings: A Tribute To ABBA", available on CDBABY & Itunes. "On Steel Strings" is an interpretation of some of the most loved ABBA songs performed in the most organic setting: unaccompanied steel string guitar. Rob says: "ABBA's music was all over the place when I was young in the late 1970's. For me, at that age, I didn't think of the music as dance or disco backdrop. I think I liked the production of the recordings. I know I liked the songs! It was a fun challenge to create these arrangements. I didn't want the songs to be overshadowed with too much dense or speedy guitar playing, but I also wanted to be sure they were musically interesting especially considering the absence of the lyrics. Fortunately, the songs were so well crafted originally that neither was really a concern, though I did allow for a few occasions to "step out" and stretch the music a bit for the guitar's sake."

  • Benny was in Kopenhagen, Denmark, for the rehearsals of the musical "Hjälp Sökes" (premiere on April 12, 2015). You can watch a video with him here.

  • The first ever UK Tour of MAMMA MIA! will take place from 2016! The first four venues have now been announced and will be going on sale shortly. See dates here.

March 9, 2015
  • ABBA No. 75 – our 25th Anniversary issue! – has been printed and mailed to all of our members worldwide! We’re so proud and honoured to share this incredible milestone with you. No. 75 is another full-colour, 36-page issue packed with the latest news, special features, and exclusive and rare photos. Here’s what you’ll find in No. 75:

    - A conversation with Dan Daniell about his and Frida’s new recording, “1865” – featuring new details provided to us by Frida herself as well as previously unseen photos
    - “The Circle” premieres at the Berlin International Film Festival, attended by Benny and his son Ludvig – full report and exclusive photos
    - The first part of our special 25th Anniversary feature: Our very own editor Regina answers questions about the history of the ABBA Fan Club
    - The Good Cause of Chiquitita: Report and photos from the joint UNICEF/ABBA the Museum event attended by Björn this past November
    - Kristina premieres in Gothenburg: Report and exclusive photos
    - Exclusive interview: Producer, remixer and ABBA fan Matt Pop
    - Special 25th Anniversary competition: Tell us which exclusive photo you’d like sent to you as a jumbo poster gift!
    - A3 size poster featuring a rare outtake shot taken during the filming of the “Does Your Mother Know” video in 1979, kindly supplied to us by photographer Torbjörn Calvero especially for our anniversary
    - Reader’s Stories featuring contributions and photos from our members
    - And of course, our News Extra featuring all the latest news up to printing time

    No. 75 pp12-13  No. 75 pp10-11   

    No. 75 pp16-17   No. 75 pp28-29

    No. 75 A3 Poster   No. 75 pp32-33

    We sincerely hope you enjoy this special issue and look forward to your feedback. Thank you as always for all your support and encouragement!



  • Proposed cover of the updated and expanded edition of ABBA The Complete Recording SessionsAcclaimed ABBA historian and author Carl Magnus Palm has launched a second and final campaign to self-publish a completely revised, updated and expanded edition of ABBA: The Complete Recording Sessions, his groundbreaking 1994 book on the facts and stories about ABBA’s musical legacy.

    When you pre-order your copy of the book through this website, you are helping secure the necessary support for the author to research, write and produce the book and to maintain the integrity of his vision for the project. The pre-order campaign runs through 9 April 2015.

    The book will only be published if it is successfully funded through this campaign, so don't miss your chance to back the project and reserve your copy of the book known as the “ABBA bible”!

    You can pre-order the book in two different formats, which will be delivered to you as soon as the book is published:

    1. Printed hardcover format shipped to your address anywhere in the world

    2. ebook (electronic book) format supported by Sony Reader, Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and most other readers and devices.

    All prices are in Euros and include shipping, and you can now pay via PayPal.

    Pre-order the book here.

March 8, 2015

  • What a night! The German Mamma Mia! Premiere in Oberhausen on March 5, 2015 was a big success. The "new Donna", Carina Sandhaus, did an excellent job and revealed later that she was very excited because many colleagues were among the guests of honor. "Sam" Jerry Marwig already performed in Stuttgart and Berlin and told us that he had been on the Mamma Mia! stage more than 1,000 times!!! The musical will run in Oberhausen for 6 months.
    Mamma Mia! in Oberhausen

  • Mia Hafrén (Donna), Lineah Svärd (Sofie) and Vallu Lukka (Sam) from the Mamma Mia! Helsinki production performed for King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden at the House of the Estates in Helsinki on Wednesday. After the planned six numbers the audience asked for more and got three encores. In the end Queen Silvia wanted to hear Dancing Queen and people began to dance.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!
    Mia Hafrén singt für das Königspaar Mia Hafrén in Helsinki
        Photos © Svenska Teatern and Mia Hafrén

  • The Cirkeln soundtrack has been released on iTunes (at least in Sweden and Finland), it features 40 tracks and includes these new pieces by Benny, length varying from 34 seconds to 4:17 minutes:

    • Engelsfors
    • Elias död (Elias' death)
    • Vanessa osynlig (Vanessa invisible)
    • Minoos rum 1 (Minoos room 1)
    • Den röda månen (The red moon)
    • Ida svävar 1 (Ida floating 1)
    • Taket (Ceiling)
    • Rebeckas död (Rebecka's death)
    • Nyckelstöld (Key theft)
    • Adrianas hus (Adriana's house)
    • Mönstrens bok (The book of patterns)
    • Minoos rum 2 (Minoos room 2)
    • Vad är magi? (What is magic?)
    • Efter middagen (After dinner)
    • Serum
    • Lucia
    • I kärrgruvan (In the swamp pit)
    • Badkaret (The bath tub)
    • Inget element (No element)
    • Idas vision
    • Kyssen (The kiss)
    • Max!
    • Ida svävar 2 (Ida floating 2)
    • Strider börjar (The battles begin)
    • Minoo bryter välsignelsen (Minoo breaks the blessing)
    • Efter striden (After the battle)
    • Engelsfors (reprise)

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

  • The new German album "Seitensprung" by Claudia Jung includes the Mamma Mia! songs "Der Sieger hat die Wahl" (The winner takes it all) and "Durch meine Finger rinnt die Zeit" (Slipping through my fingers). You can listen to snippets here.
    Thanks to Peter Kauczor!

March 4, 2015
  • Reviews of "Cirkeln" have been very positive. "Cirkeln" was the 2nd most attended film during its first week in Sweden. Ludvig Andersson said that 400,000 tickets need to be sold. Unfortunately, the much hyped film "50 Shades of Grey" opened around the same time and has been dominating the Swedish box office since then. Cirkeln has been seen by 80,000 people so far and has now dropped to position 5 of the Swedish movie charts. Ludvig comments in Aftonbladet that it can't be said yet if it is possible to film the two other Cirkeln books. They have to wait a few more weeks to see the more final results at the box office.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

  • ABBA The Museum has launched its biggest attraction since opening in May 2013. Four life-size replicas of ABBA members Frida, Agnetha, Björn and Benny in silicon, dressed in their legendary stage clothes from the late 70s. Work on the figures has been ongoing for just over a year, headed by talented make-up artist and artist Göran Lundström at Effektstudion in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm.
    The members of ABBA themselves have been intricately involved in the production of their replicas, with detailed measurements taken on all four, in order to come as close as possible to the way they looked back then.
    Behind these works of art is Swedish make-up artist and sculptor Göran Lundström from Effektstudion. In autumn 2013, Göran was commissioned to recreate ABBA in life-size replicas. The figures, which are unique globally, will be launched at the beginning of March 2015.

    Benny Andersson on the final results:
    "Wonderful mannequins, better looking than the originals."

    Agnetha Fältskog on the clothes:
    "I like the costume choice. Back then, the tricots were one of my favourites. They were good for dancing in and moving about freely, it was nice to feel free on stage."

    Frida Lyngstad Reuss on the figures:
    "The entire process has been so creative and inspiring – being able to give our input on all the details. And the results are excellent thanks to the perceptiveness of Göran and his team! Exquisite craftsmanship!"

    Björn Ulvaeus on the process:
    "I brought my test head home and laid it on my pillow, stuffing some other pillows under the cover. Then I called my wife into the bedroom. What an impact! There was the man who lay beside her 35 years ago. The man she fell in love with!"

    The figures arrived by helicopter and landed on the roof of the museum to the sound of Arrival.
    ABBA figures at the museum - © Micke Bayart ABBA figures arriving at the museum - © Micke Bayart
        Photos: © Micke Bayart

February 27, 2015
  • Carl Magnus Palm will try to make the updated ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions a reality with a second crowdfunding campaign. Please help him prepare for it by taking this survey.

February 25, 2015
  • German digital "Spiegel-Geschichte TV" will show the BBC documentary "ABBA - Agnetha and After" on Friday, February 27 at 20:15. The programme will be repeated on 28.2. at 12:45, 8.3. at 19:15, 10.3. at 1:05 and 10:15, 11.3. at 4:40 and 8:00.
    Thanks to Peter Kauczor!

February 12, 2015
  • Benny, Ludvig, Levan Akin and several actors from "Cirkeln" went to its premiere at the Berlinale on February 10th. Benny was immediately surrounded by the press and fans plus autograph hunters on the red carpet. Unfortunately he was mainly asked about ABBA instead about the film! The cast and Levan Akin went on stage after the screening to answer questions from the audience. We will have a full report with some exclusive photos in our next ABBA Issue.

    Benny at the Berlinale

  • Here is a short interview with Benny and Ludvig from February 10.

  • Frida & Dan Daniell talk about their foundation "Kinder in Not" here.

February 8, 2015
  • As announced on this website and in our newsletter to all our fan club members, Carl Magnus Palm’s crowdfunding campaign to publish an updated version of the definitive book on ABBA's recording history is now launched!
    Visit the Kickstarter page to pre-order your copy of this essential book.

  • Here is the page for the world premiere screening of Cirkeln at the Berlinale film festival on Tuesday, February 10 at 5:00 PM.

January 30, 2015
  • Benny, Ludvig, director Levan Akin and author Sara Bergmark Elfgren have recorded a video message for SF Bio announcing that ticket sales for Cirkeln are about to begin. Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

January 23, 2015
  • Swedish news agency TT Spektra reports that Benny Andersson will attend the Berlin film festival together with the director and five actors from "Cirkeln". Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

January 22, 2015
  • Benny and Ludvig at the Swedish Film Institute's presentation The Swedish fantasy film "Cirkeln" will have its world premiere at the German film festival Berlinale in February!
    "Cirkeln" was produced by Benny and Ludvig's company RMV Film. It is planned to be screened on February 10, 5:00 PM local time at the HKW cinema. The updated movie schedule is available from January 27.

  • Gustaf Sjökvist's Chamber Choir has recently been looking for some new singers. In that connection they mentioned that the choir has been involved in recording of the music for Cirkeln.

  • On Monday January 19, the Swedish Film Institute arranged a presentation event of Swedish films that will premiere during winter. Benny and Ludvig attended. A video is here.

    Photo: Svenska Filminstitutet

    Special thanks to Pentti Koponen!

January 15, 2015
  • To all ABBA Fan Club Members! We have 2 tickets for the Mamma Mia! Premiere in Oberhausen (Germany) to be won - we will send you a mail with further information in the next days.

  • Frida's skisuit News about Frida's plans to design ski outfits!

    J.Lindeberg is excited to announce a unique collaboration with Frida from ABBA! An avid skier, mountain lover and inspired by the stunning alpine region surrounding her hometown Zermatt, Switzerland Frida has since long time nurtured a dream of creating her take on the ultimate ski overall with the vision to infuse a personal sense of femininity and beauty in today’s often technically orientated skiwear.

    Frida:"It’s a perfect match, J.Lindeberg has the know-how and the production set up, and the team has been enthusiastic and easy to work with. My clear vision has materialised in an overall that combines exclusive femininity with sophisticated functionality. As ABBA is celebrating 40 years as a group this year, I feel like I am bridging the past with the future in this unique garment, I am very excited."

    The overall features a shell fabric in virgin wool from esteemed Italian supplier Loro Piana, a prominent zip front detail - and to top it off dyed to match fur in hood and sleeves from one of the world’s best and prestigious fur suppliers: Kopenhagen Fur. The overall will be produced only in an exclusive limited amount for global distribution.

    Available at J. Lindeberg in Biblioteksgatan, Åre, Kitzbühel and other selected stores.

  • You can listen to a snippet of Frida's & Dan Daniell's song "1865" here!

  • This is a press release from ABBA The Museum:

    Friend's Day on March 13 at ABBA The Museum

    We are very excited to be organizing a special day for our friends and fans!
    The museum will be open only for you during this afternoon, March 13.
    Tickets will be released for pre–purchase during January. The day will include:

    • We will reveal our biggest attraction since opening!
    • A never before exhibited costume from 1973.
    • Preview and pre-purchase of fine art photos never exhibited before, by Torbjörn Calvero.
    • A unique walk through inside the Polar Studio, with guide.
    • Competition; one happy person will also get to sing in the original studio and microphone!
    • Get your own ABBA The Museum backstage pass/Friends Card. The card will give you special offers and discounts.
    • Premiere of our curator’s audio guide. An ABBA The Museum tour in depth.
    • Mingle and drinks

    The day at the museum will start around 3 PM but all visitors are welcome earlier as well. We will be able to offer good pricing on hotels nearby, such as Hasselbacken Scandic and Melody Hotel. Keep posted for updates. A warm welcome and we hope to see you here!

December 22, 2014
  • At this festive time of year, we would like to thank all of our members for their support in 2014! The ABBA Fan Club wouldn't be what it is today without your wonderful help, ideas, and suggestions. In 2014, we celebrated ABBA's 40th anniversary; in 2015, it is time for our own 25th anniversary! We are looking forward to celebrating it with you all!

    A very Merry Christmas with peace and harmony, and all our best wishes for a very happy and healthy 2015 to you and your loved ones!

    Best wishes for 2015!

  • 1994 edition of the Complete Recording Sessions by Carl Magnus PalmThe groundbreaking book ABBA–The Complete Recording Sessions will be issued in a completely revised, updated and expanded edition which will feature more details on exactly how ABBA wrote and recorded their classic hits as well as the other great music they created during their decade together.

    ABBA–The Complete Recording Sessions, by acclaimed ABBA researcher and historian Carl Magnus Palm, was first published in 1994 and has long been out of print. Based on original research and interviews with all four ABBA members, as well as the key people who worked with them in the recording studio, the book was the first attempt at taking a serious look at the group’s music. In the 20 years that have passed since then, more information has emerged that will be incorporated into the new edition.

    In a particularly exciting new development, Björn and Benny have authorised the author to listen to much more unreleased music than was available back in the early 1990s. Back then everything was analogue, which made it complicated to listen to tapes. Today, all the tapes have been transferred to a digital format, allowing for much easier access to unreleased recordings and alternate mixes of ABBA’s classic hits.

    The complex and time-consuming task of revising the book will be financed through a month-long crowdfunding campaign scheduled to start on 28 January 2015. More information as well as regular updates are available on the author’s website, Facebook page and on Twitter.

    Right: Cover of the 1994 edition of “ABBA–The Complete Recording Sessions”

  • ABBA–The Museum has just published a “Save the Date” for all fans for the 13th of March 2015. We will bring you more information as soon as it is available.

    ABBA The Museum Save the Date


  • Journalist and ABBA fan Georgi Toshev has released a book on ABBA in his native Bulgarian. The book is based on 10 years of meetings and interviews with the ABBA members. Ordering information (in Bulgarian) is available here, while the author will be releasing additional ordering info shortly. We will keep you informed.

    New Bulgarian ABBA book    Benny and Georgi Toshev

    Right: Georgi with Benny at Mono Music earlier this year © Georgi Toshev


  • Björn has acquired the property that houses ABBA The Museum and Swedish Music Hall of Fame on Djurgården in Stockholm. Kopparnäset AB, Qarlbo AB and 2try AB have acquired the property Konsthallen 2 at Djurgårdsvägen 68 in Stockholm from Rotaria AB, and will assume ownership on January 29, 2015.

    “The building has been on the market for some time,” said Björn. “To ensure a stable, long-term property owner that understands the operations of the Swedish Music Hall of Fame and ABBA the Museum, I decided to go in as part-owner together with Conni Jonsson and Pelle Lindberg who will contribute invaluable hotel and restaurant knowhow along with financial strength and creativity. Our goal is to further develop the vision of a House of Music in Stockholm.” The address also houses the popular Melody Hotel, with 49 rooms and a restaurant and event operations.

    “Naturally, we welcome the fact that world-renowned songwriter Björn Ulvaeus is going to be our landlord. This considerably strengthens the potential of developing the address into Scandinavia’s leading destination and attraction for pop music, now finally accepted as a bona fide form of culture,” said Monica Ekmark, Chair of the Musikskattens Hus foundation and the Swedish Music Hall of Fame, one of the tenants.

December 19, 2014

  • To mark Matterhorn's anniversary, Frida will be teaming up with Zermatt singer Dan Daniell and Zermatt youngsters to record the Matterhorn anthem "1865" on CD. It will be available in stores from February 13, 2015.

    In 2015, Zermatt will be commemorating the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn. To mark this occasion, Zermatt singer Dan Daniell registered a song with Frida from ABBA, who lives in Zermatt. The anthem for the 2015 anniversary was written by the Zermatt native Urs Biner. The owner of the premium restaurant "Chez Heini" is a top chef, author and first and foremost a singer – he has been releasing albums for more than two decades under the name of Dan Daniell.

    Biner was able to count on the help of a good friend to sing the official song for the Matterhorn anniversary: It is none other than the ABBA legend Anni-Frid "Frida" Lyngstad. They will be singing the song "1865" as a duet. The song brings the dramatic race to the summit of the Matterhorn to life with the power of a chorale and its impressive lyricism. It is the perfect soundtrack for an anniversary that will surely attract attention from all over the world. Dan and Frida were supported in the chorus and backing by the Zermatt group "Wintershome". The anthem was recorded in Zermatt.
    The proceeds from the sale of the single will go to the foundation "Frida and Dan Daniell for children", which Frida set up together with Dan Daniell. The Foundation supports small projects in Switzerland, but also in Europe and around the world.

    The world star and creative top chef, the anniversary and the myth, the song and the good cause: Great ingredients for an exceptional project that will not only get a resounding welcome from the global ABBA community.

    The CD "1865 – The Anthem" will be available online for pre-order from 1.1.2015 at iTunes and from 13.02.2015 from retailers.

    Frida & Dan Daniell - © Marc Kronig (
        Photo © Marc Kronig (

  • Waterloo anniversary 2015 From Belgian newspaper "Het laatste nieuws":

    "ABBA refuses hit Waterloo to commemorate battle"
    The Swedish band ABBA, who had their breakthrough with their Eurovision hit Waterloo in 1974, refuses to participate in the commemoration of the eponymous historical battle of 1815. For the celebrations next year, the organization asked ABBA for permission to exhibit the first vinyl record of their hit single. Benny, Anni-Frid, Agnetha and Björn refused unanimously. "It's a pop song, not about the battle, but about someone who encounters his own defeat. A wrong signal." ABBA's conductor at the Eurovision Song Contest was dressed as... Napoleon himself.

    Thanks to Lutgart Smedts!

December 8, 2014
  • Next week German digital TV ZDF Kultur will repeat the programme "Show & Co. mit Carlo" from February 1985 with Björn Ulvaeus, Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson presenting "I know him so well" from CHESS. It will run on December 10 from 17:15 - 18:45, on December 11 from 12:35 - 14:05 and on December 12 from 8:00 - 9:30 local time.
    Thanks to Günther Wilken!

December 4, 2014
  • Play Monopoly with ABBA!
    December 8, 2014, sees the release of ABBA Monopoly Special Edition. The cover of the game has changed as you can see below.
    Instead of streets, you're buying single records and instead of real estate you're buying recording studios.
    This unique version of Monopoly also features six tokens with an ABBA connection: the Napoleon hat (from the ABBA hit "Waterloo"), a platform boot, a vinyl record, a money bag (a nod to ABBA's classic "Money, Money, Money"), a telephone (relating to the early ABBA single "Ring Ring") and Björn's star-shaped guitar (which he used in the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest). All copies of ABBA Monopoly feature text in both Swedish and English.
    You can order your edition here.

    ABBA Monopoly Game
    ABBA Monopoly pieces

  • The Jury for the Eskilstuna Music Prize 2014 has decided to choose Anni-Frid Lyngstad as this year's Music Prize winner.
    Attention will be paid to the prize winner this evening, 4 December, in Eskilstuna City Hall in conjunction with the town's annual ceremonial medal celebration. Anni-Frid Lyngstad will receive the prize on a visit to Eskilstuna during 2015, the time to be announced later.
    It is stated in the guidelines for the prize that "The Eskilstuna Music Prize will be awarded to a person, group, organisation, institution or company that has made a significant contribution to the music life of the town, with particular focus on broad popular music." The prize is worth 10,000 SEK and an artistic gift from a local artist.
    The jury's reasoning: "Anni-Frid Lyngstad's pioneering career in the world of music for almost sixty years has made her an icon and an example for generations. Through her success, both with ABBA and as a solo artist, she has become an idol to millions of fans all over the world and has left an indelible imprint in musical history."

November 27, 2014
  • Björn will have a guest appearance in the American-Swedish TV co-production "Welcome to Sweden". The series starts in Germany on NDR TV on January 15, 2015 every Thursday at 23:30 local time. Unfortunately we still don't know when the episode with Björn will be shown. You will find more infos here. Thanks to Norbert Klammt!

  • Upcoming ABBA TV programmes in Germany: January 1, 2015 at 16:15 local time on VOX: "ABBA - 40 Jahre Waterloo" and January 3 at 22:15 on ARTE: "ABBA - Dancing Queen".
    Thanks to Manuela Reimann!

  • A documentary film about singer Laleh (who made the new version of Chiquitita), titled "I am not ready to die yet" opened recently in her hometown Gothenburg. Swedish TV2 will broadcast the film on January 2, 2015. The documentary includes a sequence with Benny. In the press Laleh said that she and Benny have been pals for two years and he especially likes her "Vårens första dag" (The first day of spring).
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

    Benny and Laleh

  • Gustaf Sjökvist's Chamber Choir had their 20th anniversary concert at Eric Ericssonhallen (former church of Skeppsholmen) on Saturday afternoon. Benny was one of the guests. The choir has recorded an album with Benny's music at Riksmixningsverket studio, but the release date has not yet been announced.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

    © Gustaf Sjökvist's Chamber Choir

November 24, 2014
  • Mamma Mia! celebrated its 50th performance at Svenska Teatern in Helsinki last Saturday. It got extra festivity as Finland's prime minister Alexander Stubb came to to see the show. He also posed afterwards with the six main actors. Stubb is known for his activity in social media and on Twitter he wrote "Probably the best musical I have ever seen."
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

November 20, 2014
  • Blixten & Co have announced the premiere date for Kristina från Duvemåla at the Cirkus in Stockholm: Saturday September 12, 2015. On November 27 at 9:00 Swedish time they start selling tickets to the first 77 performances between September 12, 2015 and January 3, 2016. There will be four performances per week from Wednesday to Sunday. After the Saturday premiere the next performance will be on Wednesday.
    Special thanks to Pentti Koponen!

November 17, 2014
  • A press release from ABBA The Museum:

    UNICEF Sweden and ABBA The Museum have initiated a new long-term collaboration over the song "Chiquitita" in support of young girls worldwide. ABBA members Frida Lyngstad Reuss, Benny Andersson, Agnetha Fältskog and Björn Ulvaeus are all behind the collaboration and are donating their royalties from "Chiquitita", as artists and rightholders, to the cause. The collaboration involves a number of activities both at the museum and online, including the launch of the pressplaytogive, an initiative that makes donating easy by simply playing the song. In order to reach even more listeners, ABBA The Museum will be inviting several well-known artists to record their interpretation of "Chiquitita". First up is Laleh. November 20 marks the 25th jubilee of the UN Convention on the rights of the child (UNCRC), on which date Laleh will perform her version of the beautiful ABBA-song at the UN General Assembly in New York to a global audience.
    On November 17, 2014, a new collaboration will begin between ABBA The Museum and UNICEF Sweden, with "Chiquitita" as a starting point. The collaboration will continue until 2019, the year the song celebrates its 40th jubilee. ABBA is behind the collaboration, with all members of the group, as artists and rightholders, donating their royalties from "Chiquitita" to UNICEF. Universal Music Publishing and Polar Music also donates its proceeds from the song Chiquitita. November 17, 2014 will also mark the launch of pressplaytogive, an initiative that makes it easy to donate – simply by playing "Chiquitita" on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube etc.

    Here are two photos of Björn at the press conference today. More about it in our next ABBA Fan Club Issue No. 75.
    © Micke Bayart © Micke Bayart
        Photos © Micke Bayart

November 14, 2014
  • Chess Deluxe Edition This is a press release from Universal about the Chess Deluxe Edition:

    To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the musical "Chess" will be released as a Deluxe Edition with 2 CDs (incl. 3 bonus tracks) and 1 DVD on November 21, 2014. The bonus tracks are "Press Conference", "Intro Mountain Duet 'Der kleine Franz'" and "Anthem" (Instrumental Version). Benny said: "When the idea to release the new remastered "Chess" albums became serious, I couldn't resist to add the track 'Der kleine Franz'. It was intended to create a certain mood for the first meeting of our three main characters on Merano Mountain. We took everyone we could find in the Polar Studios (engineer, receptionist, pinball players) and asked them to sing this Alps-inspired track with German lyrics written by Björn. It was fun! I have always liked the track very much." The DVD includes the five original videos and a documentary about the making of Chess. The Deluxe Edition also includes a 32-page illustrated booklet with a summary of Chess, the lyrics and a timeline of the history of Chess - from the first idea to its current success.

  • Dan Daniell has confirmed that Frida and he just recorded a new song. He will give more news about it soon.
    Special thanks to Dan Daniell!

    Frida and Dan - © Dan Daniell
        Photo © Dan Daniell

  • An acoustic Fender guitar autographed by Björn Ulvaeus will be auctioned in Sweden.
    A charity auction with 30 exclusive objects will take place at Berns in Stockholm on November 14 in the evening. The money goes to the children diabetes research fond. Bukowski's auction catalogue is here and bids can be made online beforehand.

    Björn with the guitar
       Björn signing the guitar in August 2014

  • Frida's Jewellery Set at W.A. Bolin's jewellery auction!
    As reported in ABBA Issue No. 74, Frida's jewellery set is at W.A. Bolin's jewellery auction on November 16, 2014. It is a set of pearls and diamonds, made by W.A. Bolin in collaboration with Frida in 1995. Estimated SEK 462.000. Images of the auction can be seen here.

October 26, 2014
  • ABBA No. 74 has now been published and is being mailed to all of our members! We have another A4 sized, 36 page, full colour issue packed with all the latest news, exclusive reports and interviews, unique special features and rare photos for you.

    In celebration of the new "ABBA–Live at Wembley Arena" CD, this issue features a focus on the 1979 North American and European Tour with two wonderful related reports and a tour-themed poster. Frida, Björn and Benny have all been busy over the last few months as well, and we have all the details for you. In this issue, you will find:

      • News Extra including all the latest news, CD, DVD and other releases, and excerpts from Frida's in-depth interview in Eskilstuna Kuriren
      • Björn at the Way Out Music Conference in Gothenburg – with exclusive photos
      • Report and exclusive photos: “Live at Wembley Arena” playback with Benny and Ludvig
      • A creative nomad: Frida on Skavlan – reports and beautiful photos
      • A3 poster with an outtake from ABBA's 1979 tour rehearsals
      • Review and exclusive photos: Mamma Mia! premieres in Finland
      • A fantastic interview with Elisabeth Hofstedt, ABBA’s hairdresser on the 1979 tour and beyond, including very rare photos and tour artifacts from her personal collection
      • Fan memories: ABBA at Frankfurt City Hall, 2 November 1979, including rare photos of ABBA on stage
      • Our ABBA competition: Win live CDs, ABBA 2015 calendars, and exclusive booklets with backstage photos of ABBA in Saarbrücken in 1982

    Issue 74 pages 8-9  Issue 74 pages 10-11  

    Issue 74 page 13  Issue 74 pages 14-15  

    Issue 74 pages 20-21  Issue 74 page 35

    Issue 74 pages 24-25  Issue 74 pages 32-33

    We're excited to present this latest issue to you and hope you enjoy it! As always, we look forward to your comments and feedback.

  • Kristina från Duvemåla premiered last night in Gothenburg and was another resounding success. The first reviews have been excellent. Here is a short report, with thanks to Pentti Koponen:

    Kristina premiere in Gothenburg

    Benny arrived at GöteborgsOperan via chauffeured car and stepped out at the stage door. I was waiting there with one other fan, and Benny totally surprised us. He got out of the car smilingly and instead of heading towards the stairs and door, he came over to us to say "hej!" and shake hands.

    In front of the main entrance of the Opera House, young singers dressed in 1880s style sang Kristina songs. Björn and his wife Lena came via taxi. Björn was also in a great mood and very patiently signed autographs and chatted with the fans. Then Benny and his wife Mona suddenly appeared at the stairs, and Benny signed some autographs as well. He then had to hurry inside as showtime was approaching. Inside the theatre, he and Mona posed for photographers in front of a backdrop with the Kristina logo.

    Among the guests were Ludvig Andersson, Nanne and Peter Grönwall, Birthe Wingren's husband Ville Virtanen, Svenska Teatern's chief Johan Storgårds, and Kristina Lugn.

    Earlier in the week, advertisements for the musical could be seen all around the city.

    Kristina adverts around Gothenburg

  • Ahead of the Kristina premiere in Gothenburg, Björn gave an exclusive video interview to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter which was published on Thursday, October 23. He was interviewed in his home and spoke about a variety of topics, including immigration. You can watch it here (includes English subtitles).


October 23, 2014

  • Claudia Jung has recorded the German version of "Slipping Through My Fingers" titled Durch meine Finger rinnt die Zeit as a single. The track will also be included on her album "Seitensprung" to be released in January. Thanks to Willibald Glaser!

September 29, 2014
  • Mamma Mia! had a highly successful premiere in Helsinki this past Saturday, attended by Björn and his wife Lena. The press premiere on Friday was attended by many celebrities from the politics, sports and entertainment worlds, and the musical received excellent reviews. Ilta-Sanomat, Finland's second biggest newspaper, gave it full 5 points and called the cast a “dream team”; Swedish-language newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet was also very keen on Mamma Mia! 

    During the public premiere on Saturday, many famous personalities again were seen among the audience. Björn and Lena arrived by car and Björn signed lots of autographs for the fans, while Görel Hanser, Maria Sid and the English MM! production team arrived by foot from their hotel. The performance went brilliantly and received loud applause from the audience. At the end, Björn once again came on stage and said a few words. He mentioned that Helsinki has become a dear place for him over the last few years and that it feels like coming home when he visits the city.

    More photos and reports in our next issue. Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

    Mamma Mia! premieres in Helsinki

  • French TV channel W9 will broadcast Mamma Mia! The Movie on Tuesday, September 30th r at 20h50, followed by the documentary "Le phénomène ABBA" at 22h45. Thanks to Patrice!


September 26, 2014

  • Preview tickets for Mamma Mia! in Berlin for exclusive prices!

    The preview of Mamma Mia! in Berlin will be on October 25, 2014 at Theater des Westens. We have exclusive ticket prices for you:

    PK Premium = 85,00 € (instead of 101,79 €)
    PK 1 = 78,00 € (instead of 96,04 €)
    PK 2 = 71,00 € (instead of 85,69 €)
    PK 3 = 62,00 € (instead of 74,19 €)

    Prices are per person, including all dues plus a welcome drink! The musical starts at 19.30, entry starts at 18.30.

    This offer is valid until September 29, 2014 only
    and as long as stock lasts. Please send your ticket orders to and you will receive payment info through email.


September 25, 2014

  • Mamma Mia! is seeing heavy outdoor promotion at the moment in Helsinki. The long distance train track area has two huge billboards on display, the Kamppi shopping centre is featuring a large rolling advert on its wall, and posters and electric rolling adverts have been positioned around town. As with Kristina, adverts can also been seen on trams.

    76.000 tickets have already been sold for the autumn 2014/spring 2015 season. Svenska Teatern will begin ticket sales for the autumn 2015 next month.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

    Mamma Mia! promotion in Helsinki



September 24, 2014

  • Frida was interviewed on the popular Scandinavian TV talk show "Skavlan" today, taped in Stockholm, by host Fredrik Skavlan who has now interviewed all four ABBA members individually. The other guests were Desmond Tutu and his daughter, musician Elvis Costello, and Swedish band In Flames.

    Frida talked about her life today and said she feels at ease living in Switzerland and enjoying the nature there. She talked about her youth in Sweden and how she was influenced by her grandmother. Frida still enjoys singing and said "you never should say never" when asked about recording new songs, but added that at the moment she felt at ease with the way things were, having reached a certain age.

    However, she did tell the audience that in order to honour the first ever climbing of the Swiss mountain Matterhorn 150 years ago, she is participating in a musical tribute together with other singers and musicians. The project is called "1865" and will most likely be released in December of this year. She talked about her writing, too, and how important it is and was when she went through tough times in her life.

    Elvis Costello told the audience that he had written two songs for Frida for her first English solo album, "Something’s Going On", which were not selected for the album. The show will air on SVT Friday, September 26, 2014. Many more photos and a full report in our next issue. Special thanks to Micke Bayart!

    Frida on Skavlan, September 2014  Frida on Skavlan, September 2014


  • German magazine Stern will publish an article featuring Ludvig Andersson discussing the upcoming "ABBA Live At Wembley Arena" release tomorrow, September 25, 2014 in their issue No. 40/2014.
  • German TV einsfestival will air "ABBA - Thank You For The Music" on October 10, 2014 at 17.45 and again on October 19, 2014 at 15.25 and on October 21, 2014 at 3 a.m. Special thanks to Manuela Reimann for this info!
  • "Gracias Por La Música" will be released as a Deluxe Edition on November, 10 2014. The album with the original 10 songs will be published with five bonus tracks plus a DVD with ABBA TV appearances in Spain in 1979 and 1980 and videos of "Concoiendome, Conociendote" & "Gracias Por La Música". The package will include a 20-page illustrated book featuring a personal greeting from Frida as well as an essay on the making of the album by Carl Magnus Palm. The text will be available in both Spanish and English.
  • CHESS, now marking its 30th anniversary, will also be released as a Deluxe Edition in November. It will contain three bonus tracks plus a DVD with promotional videos from 1984/1985 and a Swedish TV documentary about Chess from 1984.
  • Rune Söderqvist, the inventor of the ABBA logo and designer of many ABBA albums, has passed away in the end of August at the age of 79 after a brief period of illness.


August 31, 2014

  • Heel Verlag, publishers of the German edition of ABBA Backstage, have published a new ABBA calendar for 2015. It is a high quality product with lots of great photos. You can order it online here.

    ABBA Calendar 2015   ABBA Calendar 2015   

    ABBA Calendar 2015   ABBA Calendar 2015

  • The first pop and rock auction in Sweden, featuring vinyl, posters, autographs and many other kinds of memorabilia, is now on view at Stockholms Auktionsverk in Stockholm. Included are a number of ABBA items, including the 12" "Hovas Vittne" and "Sång till Görel" records, tour jackets owned by Michael B. Tretow, and more. You can view the items and bid online here.


August 24, 2014

  • Swedish TV programme Västnytt aired a video report from the Kristina från Duvemåla rehearsals at Gothenburg Opera last week. It featured clips of the chorus singing the wedding scene and Björn, Maria Ylipää, Anders Eljas and Maria Sid. In the report, Benny said was fantastic to be back at GöteborgsOperan, adding that both the ensemble and orchestra are half of the size of the 90s run, initially because they had to fit the musical to work in the smaller Svenska Teatern in Helsinki. As they got Kristina up and running, it suited them well to continue with that format in Sweden. Benny was asked if he was nervous on the eve of the new premiere, as the original production was such a huge success; Benny said he did not think that way and that they would do their best, just like the previous time, so that the production is as good as possible. Thaniks to Pentti Koponen!

  • GöteborgsOperan also published a video of Lars Rodolfsson, Björn and Benny talking about their inspiration and process behind the musical on Friday.

  • Benny also appeared in a promo video by Swedish political party Feminist Initiative (Feministiskt initiativ) which was published on Friday. He previously supported the party by donating money to its election fund.



August 18, 2014

  • The Gothenburg Opera ensemble of Kristina från Duvemåla will perform during the summer concert series held by the orchestra of the Liseberg amusement park (Lisebergsorkestern) in Gothenburg. They will perform this Saturday, August 23, at 2:00 p.m. Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

  • The presentation of Svenska Teatern's stagings for the autumn 2014/spring 2015 season took place in Helsinki this past Thursday, August 14. Naturally, the Mamma Mia! ensemble was present, performing for the first time at a public event. Performing in regular attire, they sang Mamma Mia, while Mia Hafrén (Donna) and Lineah Svärd (Sofie) did "Kan Man Ha Ett Solkatt I En Bur" (Slipping Through My Fingers). Both songs were performed without orchestra, accompanied only on piano. As a reminder, the musical will premiere in Finland on September 27. Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

    Mamma Mia in Finland

    Mamma Mia in Finland

  • Björn is an investor in Auddly, a new cloud-based service launched in Sweden through which songwriters can collaborate with each other and manage their business dealings online. As music is often made globally with people from different countries making contributions these days, Auddly enables music writers, producers and publishers to document who is doing what during the creative process. If the song becomes a hit, it is easy to manage royalties through the same service. Björn says he is proud to be a part of helping to shape the future of the music industry. Thanks to Pentti Koponen!


August 12, 2014

  • The Way Out West Music Conference, a new music and media conference for the Scandinavian music industry, invited several Swedish composers to discuss the factors that have made the work of Swedish songwriters a global success. Speakers attending the Gothenburg event this past Friday, August 8 were Björn, Carl Falk (who has worked with acts such as One Direction and Nicki Minaj), Niclas Molinder (who has worked with Lady Gaga) and Noonie Boa (who has worked with Avicii). The moderator was Sharon Vaughn (who has worked with Willie Nelson, Agnes and Kate Ryan).

    Among other things, Björn spoke about his collaboration with Benny, on writing pop and musicals, as well as how he felt while working on ‘The Winner Takes It All’, which he called "very special". More details and photos in our next issue. Thanks to Micke Bayart!

    Björn at the Way Out West Music Conference, August 2014

    Björn at the Way Out West Music Conference, August 2014  Björn at the Way Out West Music Conference, August 2014

July 24, 2014

  • It has been reported that the live album "ABBA Live At Wembley Arena" will be released on September 26, 2014 as a 2 CD set in a digipack (catalogue nr. 006025 3771606 7) and 3 LP set 180 g (catalogue nr. 006025 3771607 4). Universal has just announced that it will be the complete concert from November 10, 1979 (see the song list in our news from June 14). Ludvig Andersson has produced the album. Here is the cover:
    ABBA Live At Wembley Arena

  • Here is a photo from "30 Years of Chess in Concert" which took place on July 4/5 in Dalhalla, Dalarna. Neither Benny nor Björn attended the concerts, but the singers gave their absolutely very best and the audience was enthusiastic and gave standing ovations!
    From left to right: Anders Ekborg (the American), Johan Schinkler (Molokov), Gunilla Backman (Florence), Anders Eljas (conductor), Philip Jalmelid (the Russian) and Sarah Dawn Finer (Svetlana). Thanks to Heiko Siekmann!
    30 Years of Chess in Concert - © Heiko Siekmann
    Photo © Heiko Siekmann

July 18, 2014
  • On Friday, August 1 German RBB TV will show "Happy Birthday ABBA!" from 20:15 - 21:45 and "The Best of ABBA" from 0:00 - 0:45 local time.

July 17, 2014
  • German digital TV "Eins Festival" will rebroadcast "Am laufenden Band" on Sunday, August 17 from 15:45 - 17:15 local time. This episode of the game show hosted by Rudi Carrell is from February 18, 1978 featuring ABBA!

    Thanks to Sabine Biber!

July 12, 2014July 9, 2014
  • July 8 was the final shooting day of the fantasy film "Cirkeln". This film is produced by Benny and Ludvig Andersson's RMV Film and the production budget is huge: 40 million Swedish Crowns. All the main actors except one are debuting on the big screen. RMV does not yet want the actors to be interviewed, this will happen before the premiere on February 18 next year. The book "Cirkeln" has sold 180,000 copies in Sweden and has been translated into 25 languages, so the expectations for the film are high. If the film does well, the two other books of the Cirkeln trilogy may also become films and a script is already being written. Swedish TV4 has visited the set and interviewed Ludvig.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

July 1, 2014
  • ABBA No. 73 has been published and mailed to all of our members! Our A4 size, 36 page, full colour issue is once again packed with all the latest news, exclusive reports and interviews, unique special features and rare photos.

    No. 73 pp12-13  No. 73 pp14-15

    No. 73 pp24-25  No. 73 pp32-33

    No. 73 p27  No. 73 Poster  No. 73 p11

    Read all the details on ABBA's 40th anniversary celebration in this edition! This issue also includes a nice poster. Each mailing includes a flyer for the second premiere of Mamma Mia! in Berlin, Germany and a flyer for the new German book "Dancing Queen – Alle Wege führen nach Waterloo". In this latest issue, you'll find:

    • News Extra including the latest CD and book releases, latest photos and excerpts of a nice interview with Benny from Stern magazine
    • Special reports on ABBA's 40th anniversary celebration: full account of the Official 40th Anniversary Party at the Tate Modern in London with Frida and Björn (including some amazing exclusive photos of the VIP party), and member reports and special interviews and photos from the celebration in Stockholm with Benny
    • Follow-up report on the release of ABBA–The Official Photo Book
    • Special discography feature: "Waterloo" singles from around the world
    • Reader's Stories from our lovely members with some exclusive and rare photos
    • Our competition with nice prizes to be won
    • Special A3 size ABBA poster with a nice picture of ABBA at Gröna Lund, Sweden, 1975

    We hope you enjoy our new issue and look forward to your feedback on No. 73!

June 14, 2014
  • Universal has announced the track list of the album "ABBA Live At Wembley Arena" to be published on CD and LP in the end of September:

    1. Gammal fäbodpsalm
    2. Voulez-Vous
    3. If It Wasn’t For The Nights
    4. As Good As New
    5. Knowing Me, Knowing You
    6. Rock Me
    7. Chiquitita
    8. Money, Money, Money
    9. I Have A Dream
    10. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
    11. S.O.S.
    12. Fernando
    13. The Name Of The Game
    14. Eagle
    15. Thank You For The Music
    16. Why Did It Have To Be Me
    17. Intermezzo No. 1
    18. I’m Still Alive
    19. Summer Night City
    20. Take A Chance On Me
    21. Does Your Mother Know
    22. Hole In Your Soul
    23. The Way Old Friends Do
    24. Dancing Queen
    25. Waterloo

  • German digital TV "ZDF Kultur" will rebroadcast old episodes of "Show-Express":

    Episode from 9.9.1982 with Frida on Sunday, June 22 from 17:15 - 18:45 local time,
    Monday June 23 from 12:45 - 14:15 and Tuesday June 24 from 8:15 - 9:40

    Episode from 11.11.1982 with ABBA on Sunday June 29 from 17:15 - 18:40,
    Monday June 30 from 12:40 - 14:10 Uhr and Monday July 1 from 8:10 - 9:35

    Many thanks to Thomas!

May 31, 2014
  • German RTL TV will show Ultimative Chart Show, special feature ABBA today as planned at 20:15 local time. Oliver Geissen's guests in the studio will be Jens Riewa, Rebecca Mir and Jorge Gonzalez. The former Bravo photographer Bubi Heilemann will take a seat on the couch as well. Regina of ABBA will also make a short appearance. Showacts will be Suzi Quatro, Luxuslärm, Right Said Fred, Elif Batman and Christopher (from the German "Idol" casting show DSDS). Have fun!

    Regina with host Oliver Geissen
    Regina with host Oliver Geissen

  • Mamma Mia! will return to Berlin. The premiere takes place on October 26, 2014 at the Stage Theater des Westens.

May 21, 2014
  • Sagan om ABBA Book Björn is the author of a new Swedish book "The Story of ABBA" to be published in September 2014.

    Björn Ulvaeus
    Sagan om ABBA

    Sweden: Fri Tanke, 2014
    ISBN: 9789187513169
    64 pages, hardcover

    Thanks to Dmitry Shipov!

May 14, 2014
  • The box set "ABBA The Singles" with 40 vinyl singles, released in the beginning of May, includes a different mix of the song "Andante Andante" with a different background than the original version we know so far!

  • A new vinyl issue of the album "ABBA Gold" will be released in the end of June.

  • Björn appears in a video by the LGBTI family asking people to participate in the European Parliament elections on May 25, 2014.

May 12, 2014
  • German Radio Harmony will celebrate ABBA on Friday, May 16 all day long! You can already vote for your favourite song. They will play the greatest hits, tell stories and you have the chance to win something. An interview with Regina (ABBA-) is scheduled for 7:05 and 9:05 local time. You can listen online as well.

May 4, 2014
  • A few Eurovision related programmes on BBC Radio 2:

    May 8: 19:00 - 20:00 Eurovision Sounds of the 70s
    May 8: 23:00 - 00:00 From ABBA to Azerbaijan
    May 9: 15:30 - 17:00 ABBA
    May 11: 20:00 - 21:30 ABBA (same as Friday)

    You can listen online via the BBC website, the iPlayer Radio app or the Radioplayer. Thanks to Ronnie!

April 25, 2014
  • German RTL TV will broadcast the "Ultimative Chart Show - Die erfolgreichsten ABBA-Hits aller Zeiten" (the most successful ABBA hits of all times) on May 31, 2014 at 20:15 local time. Guests of the show hosted by Oliver Geissen will be Jens Riewa, Jorge Gonzalez and Rebecca Mir. Show acts are the "Mamma Mia!" Musical Cast, Right Said Fred, Luxuslärm, Suzi Quatro and Andy Scott (The Sweet). All ABBA members will have the chance to win tickets for the recording of the show on May 26, 2014. You will receive an e-mail in the next days.

    An ABBA programme with Thomas Gottschalk announced by RTL will not be produced.

  • The TV programme "Hallo Niedersachsen" from April 5 including a clip about ABBA Fan Club leader Regina is still available online.

April 14, 2014April 11, 2014
  • Here is a first clip from the ABBA documentary "ABBA - 40 Jahre Waterloo" to be aired by German VOX TV on April 12 from 20:15 - 0:20 local time.

April 8, 2014
  • Frida and Björn attended the ABBA 40th Anniversary Party/Official Photo Book Launch at the Tate Modern in London last night. The two members signed autographs and gave interviews to the press on the red carpet before entering the Tate.

    The spacious museum was converted especially for the event, which was attended by over 1,000 people including many Swedish celebrities. Included were an exhibition of photos from the Official Photo Book (which was on sale along with other merchandise), an ABBA members cutout display flown in from ABBA The Museum, and snacks including "Stikkan Anderson sausages" inspired by the legendary manager's famous parties!

    At the end of the event, attendees received a goody bag containing postcards and a special promo CD single of "Waterloo".

    Frida and Björn gave short speeches in a VIP area as well as in the main stage later in the evening, where Frida was presented with copy #1 of the Official Photo Book. Earlier in the day, they gave interviews to the BBC and Björn did a segment for ITV's Daybreak. Here is ZDF's coverage of the event (begins at around 9:00); a report from Reuters is here.

    Much more, including exclusive behind-the-scenes reports and many exclusive photos, in the next issue of ABBA !

    Frida and Björn at the Tate Modern, April 7, 2014

    Photo courtesy


April 6, 2014

  • Here are some more pictures from today's choir performance at ABBA The Museum and Benny's appearance. Thanks to Micke Bayart!

    ABBA the Museum choir, April 6, 2014

    ABBA the Museum choir, April 6, 2014

    ABBA the Museum choir, April 6, 2014

    ABBA the Museum choir, April 6, 2014

  • The special performance by ABBA–The Choir in the courtyard of ABBA The Museum ended shortly before 16.00 local time today. After a small technical difficulty, Benny joined the choir for the performance of "Thank You For The Music". The choir's last song was "Dancing Queen".

    ABBA the Museum choir performance, April 6, 2014

    ABBA the Museum choir performance, April 6, 2014

    ABBA the Museum choir performance, April 6, 2014

    ABBA the Museum choir performance, April 6, 2014

    ABBA the Museum choir performance, April 6, 2014

    ABBA the Museum choir performance, April 6, 2014

    ABBA the Museum choir performance, April 6, 2014

  • German Osradio 104,8 will broadcast "40 Jahre ABBA - Das Jubiläum" today from 16:00 - 18:00 local time. A live stream is available on .

  • The first clips from the ABBA documentary "ABBA - 40 Jahre Waterloo" (on April 12 at 20:15 on German VOX TV) will be shown today on "Prominent" from 23:15 - 23:55 local time on VOX, with Björn talking at the end of the clip.

  • Here are two ABBA reports from German magazine Stern: Visiting Benny and Nils Landgren.
    Thanks to Tobias Schmitz!

April 3, 2014
  • German WDR 4 radio will celebrate ABBA's 40th anniversary on April 6, 2014. All day long from 8:00 - 17:00 local time you will hear ABBA songs, stories, original interviews with the ABBA members and many celebrities and from 16:00 on the WDR 4 listener's ABBA Top 10.
    An interview with Regina of the ABBA Fan Club will be aired at about 12:20.
    You can still vote for the ABBA Top 10 here and listen world-wide on
    Many thanks to Engelbert Flügel!

  • Stern Special ABBA Issue German magazine Stern will publish a special ABBA-only edition this coming Saturday, April 5, 2014. It will be 114 pages, printed on high quality paper, with interesting facts about ABBA including a brand-new, exclusive interview with Benny and many wonderful photos. ABBA 's Regina handled the proofreading. The special edition costs € 7,80 and you can get it at German, Swiss and Austrian newsstands. You can also order it online here.

  • Additionally, Stern will have 2 pages with "40 Facts on ABBA" in their new issue, published today, April 3, 2014. The magazine will be available for a week and can be bought in all fine shops in German-speaking countries. It is also available for online ordering here.

    Stern April 3 Issue    Stern 40 Facts Article

April 2, 2014
  • Björn Ulvaeus, Lars Rudolfsson, Maria Ylipää and Robert Noack went on stage on March 31 at GöteborgsOperan's season 2014/2015 presentation. Maria and Robert sang, but the press did not mention which song. Göteborgs Posten's Caroline Karlsson wrote that even if the dialect was Finland Swedish instead of the Småland one, it sounded very good. After the presentation there were interview sessions in the bar of the Opera house.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

    Göteborgs Posten's online report from the presentation Swedish TV interviews Björn and Lars - Photo © GöteborgsOperan

March 30, 2014
  • Björn in Kalmar - Photos © Mats Holmertz Björn was in Kalmar to attend an "inspiration day" arranged by authorities and companies of the area. Björn spoke about his hotel project in Västervik and why he chose to invest a lot of money right in the Kalmar area of Sweden. It is a kind of appreciation towards Björn's idyllic youth in Västervik and his love for the town that made him decide to invest there. He wants to give something back to the town where he grew up.

    Photos: Mats Holmertz

  • The musical "Hjälp Sökes" will be staged at Østre Gasværk Teater in Copenhagen next year, from April 12 to June 7. Pop singer Anne Linnet is translating Björn's song lyrics and author Pia Taftdrup the dialogue into Danish.
    Jesper Asholt and Jesper Lohmann will play the leading male roles but it has not been announced who will play the role of Hillevi, which Sofia Pekkari did in Stockholm. Danish-born Suzanne Berdino will take care of the animals and play Hillevi's mother as she did in Sweden. The goat "Kalleman" from Stockholm will also be seen on stage in Denmark.

  • Björn has donated a boat lift for the Swedish Sea Rescue Society. Björn had a new boat lift at his summer house in Stavnäs, for which there was no longer space when Björn recently bought a bigger boat. So he donated the lift to the sea rescue society, as he thinks it is wonderful that this kind of voluntary service is available during these times when everything is run by cities/state or commercially. In an interview about this, Björn was asked for his best memory from life on a boat: "A magical dead calm June evening at Åland sea between Finland and Sweden a few years ago."

  • Last Friday was the first shooting day for the film "Cirkeln", produced by Benny's company RMV. RMV Film and distributor Buena Vista International published a photo of the six main actresses, but did not announce their names. Premiere date for Cirkeln is February 18, 2015.

  • GöteborgsOperan in Gothenburg will present their 2014/2015 season, of which Kristina från Duvemåla is a part, on March 31. In the afternoon there will be a press conference, followed by a free event for everyone where music from the season's upcoming productions will be performed. The performance schedule for Kristina is here.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen for all of this news!

March 28, 2014
  • Germany is celebrating 40 years of ABBA!
    The website is now online. It consists of the fan mosaic event including the fan videos and the fan-made "thank you ABBA" photos. More stuff will follow later.
    We are happy to see some ABBA Fan Club members in the videos - you did a great job!

    We now encourage you to participate in the "thank you ABBA" photo event! It's very easy. You can upload your photo until May 30.

    Regina, leader of the ABBA Fan Club, has written down 40 facts about ABBA for Universal Music, presented by German ABBA fan and comedian Thomas Hermanns. You can watch the episodes during the next weeks.
    The first one is already online and you can watch it here. Have fun!

  • On April 13, Benny and Björn will go on stage together with the Mamma Mia! cast at the Royal Opera House in London to celebrate 15 years of Mamma Mia! at the Olivier Awards ceremony.

March 23, 2014
  • The English language tour version of Mamma Mia! will return to Switzerland, playing at the Musical Theatre Basel from May 13 to June 8, 2014.

March 16, 2014
  • Svenska Teatern in Helsinki held a press conference on Friday, where they announced the cast of their Mamma Mia! production. The actors come from different Scandinavian countries and Rita is played by two different ladies.

    The cast members (from Finland unless otherwise noted):
    Donna: Mia Hafrén (known from various TV productions)
    Rita (Rosie): Anna Hultin and Maria Sid (both regular Svenska Teatern's own actors). Sid starts to alternate with Hultin in 2015
    Tanja: Veera Railo
    Harry: Riko Eklundh
    Sam: Vallu Luokka (could not attend the press conference)
    Bill: Kristofer Möller (Svenska Teatern's actor)
    Tim (Sky): Anton Höggblom (from Finland, but lives in Stockholm)
    Sofie (Sophie): Lineah Svärd (Sweden)
    Ali: Katariina Lantto
    Lisa: Tara Toya (Denmark)
    Eddie: Johnny Johansson (Sweden, has appeared in Danish MM! production in Århus)
    Chili (Pepper): Markku Haussila (could not attend the press conference)

    Paul Garrington will direct the show. Svenska Teatern's chief Johan Storgård and Bengt Bauler from Swedish production company Per C have made a new translation of the dialogue.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

    Mamma Mia! Finland cast Mamma Mia! Finland cast

March 15, 2014
  • The German radio station "Die neue Welle" made an interview with Regina about ABBA and the ABBA Fan Club. It was recorded as part of their "Die besten Bands aller Zeiten" (The greatest bands of all times) weekend and also includes interviews with fan club leaders from other bands. You can listen to the interview (in German) here.

March 12, 2014
  • German ZDF TV will rebroadcast ZDF-Kultnacht ABBA the night from April 5-6, 2014 probably at 0:30 local time.

    The digital channel ZDF Kultur will repeat the following episodes of Disco featuring ABBA from 19:25 - 20:15 local time:
    20.03.2014: Disco from 03.08.1974 (Waterloo (Video))
    22.03.2014: Disco from 28.09.1974 (Honey, Honey)
    26.03.2014: Disco from 01.02.1975 (So Long)
    30.03.2014: Disco from 24.05.1975 (I Do, I Do....)

  • The "Waterloo" 40th anniversary celebrations continue.
    Now the Palladium Theatre in Stuttgart asked us to inform you about a special event in Germany.
    They want to record a Fan Video for Björn and Benny to congratulate them for "40 years of ABBA's ESC victory".
    All participants can win a musical weekend in Stuttgart (2 persons, one stay at the hotel, show tickets).
    The theatre has summarized all further information on the MAMMA MIA! Facebook page.

  • 7" vinyl single box set "ABBA The Singles": Unfortunately we made a mistake in the track listing. ABBA did not sing "Honey Honey" in German. The annotation meant that the German cover will be reproduced for "Honey Honey / Ring Ring".

March 9, 2014
  • A new version of the successful ABBA documentary "ABBA - 40 Jahre Waterloo" (ABBA - 40 Years Of Waterloo) will be aired on the German VOX Channel on April 12, 2014, 20:15 local time. More than 2 million viewers watched the original on June 2, 2012. The production team have now re-edited this documentary, adding lots of new things including a brand new interview with Björn conducted in Stockholm at ABBA The Museum at the end of February.

    ABBA helped the production team find 2 members of the former GDR who talked about their fandom back then. We are proud that our members agreed to be part of the documentary and look forward to watching them! We also helped them with a lot more memorabilia from Regina's collection that weren't shown in the original documentary.

  • Benny has written a new melody for literature TV programme Babel, which airs on SVT2. Ten famous Swedish authors have been invited to write the lyrics for the song, which will be performed by Helen Sjöholm and BAO during the show's season finale.

    Benny said it will be interesting to hear what authors, who are not used to writing song lyrics, will come up with. Babel will have a feature on the project during their season premiere on March 16, and will follow the work during the spring; the winning lyric will be unveiled during the final Babel of the season on June 1. Here a related article by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

March 7, 2014
  • The beautiful ABBA photo with Stig and Sven-Olof Waldoff from our ABBA Cover No. 72 was taken by photographer Bubi Heilemann. You can find the photo in one of the best photobooks on ABBA: "ABBA - Fotografien 1974-1980". You can order the book (as well as more wonderful photos) from Bubi's website Unfortunately we forgot to mention this in our issue. A big Thank You to Bubi Heilemann!

February 28, 2014
  • German digital TV "ZDF Kultur" will rebroadcast "Starparade" from 1978 on next Sunday, March 2 at 17:10 local time. ABBA are performing "Take A Chance On Me" and "Eagle" on the show.
    Thanks to Günther Wilken!

  • Agnetha has been nominated for a German Echo Award in the category "International Female Pop Artist" with her album "A". According to our sources, Agnetha will not attend the broadcast.
    Thanks to Peter Kauczor!

  • ABBA The Singles Universal will release an exclusive limited edition box set "ABBA The Singles" in May to celebrate 40 years of "Waterloo". It will contain 40 singles with reproduction covers. Catalogue number: UPC 00602537649594, about 200 Euros.

    The singles included:
    1. People Need Love / Merry-Go-Round
    2. He Is Your Brother / Santa Rosa
    3. Ring Ring (Swedish Version) / Åh, vilka tider
    4. Ring Ring (English Version) / She’s My Kind of Girl
    5. Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough) / I Am Just A Girl
    6. Ring Ring / Wer Im Wartesaal der Liebe steht (German cover)
    7. Waterloo (Swedish Version) / Honey, Honey (Swedish Version)
    8. Waterloo (English Version) / Watch Out
    9. Waterloo (German Version) / Watch Out
    10. Waterloo (French Version) / Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
    11. Honey, Honey / King Kong Song
    12. Honey, Honey (German Version) / Ring Ring (remix)
    13. So Long / I’ve Been Waiting For You
    14. I Do, I Do, I Do / Rock me
    15. S.O.S. / Man In The Middle
    16. Mamma Mia / Intermezzo No.1
    17. Fernando / Hey, Hey Helen
    18. Dancing Queen / That’s Me
    19. Money, Money, Money / Crazy World
    20. Knowing Me, Knowing You / Happy Hawaii
    21. The Name Of The Game / I Wonder (Departure)
    22. Take A Chance On Me / I’m A Marionette
    23. Eagle / Thank You For The Music
    24. Summer Night City / Medley: Pick A Bale of Cotton...
    25. Chiquitita / Lovelight
    26. Chiquitita (Spanish Version) / Lovelight
    27. Does Your Mother Know / Kisses of Fire
    28. Voulez-Vous / Angeleyes
    29. Estoy Sonando / Does Your Mother Know
    30. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) / The King Has Lost His Crown
    31. I Have A Dream / Take A Chance On Me (live)
    32. The Winner Takes It All / Elaine
    33. Super Trouper / The Piper
    34. Happy New Year / Andante, Andante
    35. Lay All Your Love On Me / On And On And On
    36. One Of Us / Should I Laugh Or Cry
    37. Head Over Heels / The Visitors
    38. When All Is Said And Done / Soldiers
    39. The Day Before You Came / Cassandra
    40. Under Attack / You Owe Me One

  • Jon Lord Photo Book An exclusive photo book about Jon Lord called "All Those Years Ago" will soon be published by Rufus Stone Limited. Naturally Frida will be featured in the book. More details, including a promotional video, are here.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

February 26, 2014
  • 99 performances of Kristina från Duvemåla will take place at the Opera in Gothenburg from October 25, 2014 until May 16, 2015. Tickets will be released on March 31. The main roles are played by Maria Ylipää (Kristina), Robert Noack (Karl Oskar), Birthe Wingren (Ulrika) and Oskar Nilsson (Robert).
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

February 19, 2014
  • The latest issue of ABBA , No. 72, has been published and mailed to all of our members! Our A4 size, 36-page, full colour issue is once again jam-packed with all the latest news, exclusive interviews, unique special features and rare photos. With this issue we celebrate the 40th anniversary of ABBA's victory at the Eurovision Song Contest with a special "Waterloo"-themed cover, poster competition and feature. Each issue includes a nice flyer for the German book release of "ABBA Backstage".

    No. 72 pp10-11  No. 72 pp12-13
    No. 72 pp16-17  No. 72 pp24-25
    No. 72 pp30-31  No. 72 pp32-33
    No. 72 pp18-19 No. 72 pp21 No. 72 pp27

    Included in ABBA No. 72:

    - News Extra including the latest CD and book releases and new interviews given by all four ABBA members
    - Special feature on Regina's experience at "Wetten, dass…"
    - Exclusive interview with ABBA's "sixth" member, sound engineer Micke B. Tretow
    - Exclusive interview with Gered Mankowitz, the photographer who took the photos for Agnetha's "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" album
    - Exclusive interview with Annette Van Trigt who did one of the very last interviews with ABBA in 1982
    - Special discography feature: Waterloo albums from around the world
    - Our competition with many exclusive prizes to be won, including a special ticket for ABBA The Museum signed by all four ABBA members, ABBA card signed by all four ABBA members, individually signed Frida, Björn, Benny and Agnetha cards, Waterloo Deluxe CDs/DVDs, "ABBA Backstage" books, "Kultbands: ABBA" books and "ABBA Special" Stern Edition magazines
    - Special A3 size ABBA poster with a picture taken at Melodifestivalen on February 9, 1974

    We hope you enjoy our new issue and look forward to your feedback on No. 72!

    ABBA Gold 3CD 40th Anniversary Edition
  • A new, 40th anniversary edition of ABBA Gold will be released on April 4 as a 3CD digipak (00602537740130). The track listing:

    Disc 1: ABBA GOLD
    1. Dancing Queen 2. Knowing Me, Knowing You 3. Take A Chance On Me 4. Mamma Mia 5. Lay All Your Love On Me 6. Super Trouper 7. I Have A Dream 8. The Winner Takes It All 9. Money, Money, Money 10. SOS 11. Chiquitita 12. Fernando 13. Voulez-Vous 14. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 15. Does Your Mother Know 16. One of Us 17. The Name of The Game 18. Thank You For The Music 19. Waterloo

    Disc 2: MORE ABBA GOLD
    1. Summer Night City 2. Angeleyes 3. The Day Before You Came 4. Eagle 5. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 6. So Long 7. Honey, Honey 8. The Visitors 9. Our Last Summer 10. On And On And On 11. Ring Ring 12. I Wonder (Departure) 13. Lovelight 14. Head Over Heels 15. When I Kissed The Teacher 16. I Am The City 17. Cassandra 18. Under Attack 19. When All Is Said And Done 20. The Way Old Friends Do

    1. She’s My Kind Of Girl 2. I Am Just A Girl 3. Gonna Sing You My Lovesong 4. King Kong Song 5. I’ve Been Waiting For You 6. Rock Me 7. Man In The Middle 8. Intermezzo No.1 9. That’s Me 10. Crazy World 11. Happy Hawaii 12. I’m A Marionette 13. Medley: Pick A Bale of cotton/.. 14. Kisses of Fire 15. The King Has Lost His Crown 16. Elaine 17. The Piper 18. Andante, Andante 19. Should I Laugh Or Cry 20. Soldiers

  • The German VOX TV channel has re-worked its successful ABBA documentary that aired twice in 2012. The new edition takes a closer look at ABBA's ESC victory, several of our ABBA members have been interviewed, and there are some more additions to the original documentary. The documentary is now called "ABBA - 40 Jahre Waterloo" ("ABBA - 40 Years Of Waterloo") and will be aired on April 12, 2014 at 20.15 German time.

    ABBA–Les Coulisses du Succès

  • Jean-Marie Potiez, author of "ABBA–The Scrapbook" as well as other books on ABBA, has written a new French-language book on the group which will be released on March 29. Titled "ABBA–Les Coulisses du Succès", the book will be 500 pages, 15 x 23 cm in size and consist of text with a photo booklet in the middle. Jean-Marie provides details on ABBA’s career in France and Belgium, giving his opinion on their albums, work, career and personalities, while Rune Söderqvist and famous French/Belgian TV and radio host Andre Torrent have provided forewords.


  • ABBA The Museum has announced a series of activities in celebration of the 40th anniversary of ABBA’s international breakthrough at the Eurovision Song Contest. The museum will unveil several new exhibits and new articles on display; additionally, Björn has written a "pop saga" aimed at children and illustrated by Ola Skogäng, which have been filmed with Björn himself playing the role of the narrator and will premier at the museum on April 6. The premier of the museum's choir will also take place on April 6 with a special concert; the ABBA songs performed will be presented with newly-composed choral arrangements by Göran Arnberg, who has worked for many years as Benny Andersson’s musical notator and arranger and is a BAO member.

    “Since we are not going to reunite for the 40th anniversary, I thought a choir singing ABBA would be exciting,” said Björn. “A really good choir singing songs that Benny and I have written is a dream for us as authors.” More info on the new exhibits and activities can be found here.

February 9, 2014

  • Benny and his son Ludvig attended the 2014 Bunte/BMW Festival Night held in Berlin, Germany on Friday night as part of the 64th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale).

February 7, 2014Waterloo 7" Picture Disc

  • The "Waterloo" single is being released as a limited picture disc as part of Universal's 40th Anniversary celebrations (060253771608) on April 4. The A side has the Swedish version and the English version is on the back.

  • ABBA received a special lifetime achievement Music Export Prize from the Swedish government in a ceremony that took place on Tuesday at the government offices in Stockholm; Benny accepted the award on behalf of the group. "ABBA unfortunately couldn't make it, so they sent me instead", he joked. Listen to an audio interview with Benny after the ceremony for Radio Sweden here. Benny also makes reference to a new live album of the 1979 Wembley arena concerts which is scheduled to be released later this year.

  • ABBA was also one of the first 12 artists to be inducted into the Swedish Music Hall of Fame yesterday. Benny attended the ceremony. “Through the years, there were so many very influential good songwriters and artists and I think it’s a good thing to make a collection of all of them”, he said, adding: “We would probably be the only band that you know about. Maybe Roxette…otherwise, it’s sort of a Swedish thing. After all this time, I’m very grateful, proud and surprised.” The first 12 artists, including jazz singer Monica Zetterlund (1937-2005) and Dutch-born singer-songwriter Cornelis Vreeswijk (1937-1987), were chosen by a jury of four music experts.

  • 75% of the tickets for the autumn 2014 season of Mamma Mia! at Svenska Teatern in Finland have already been sold; that means 35.000 of the available 47.000 tickets have been purchased. Sales for spring 2015 (92 performances) will begin on Monday, February 10, at 10:00 am. local time. Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

February 2, 2014Waterloo Deluxe Edition CD/DVD

  • Stern VIVA!, the bi-monthly German magazine for women and men over 40, is publishing an extensive feature with 16 pages on ABBA in its next issue (February/March 2014). It will be available on newsstands in Germany and Austria starting February 5.

    Enter to win a copy of this magazine in our special online competition! Just answer this question:

    When did ABBA win the Swedish heat of the Eurovision Song Contest at Melodifestivalen?

    Send the exact date and your address to by February 10, 2014. Good luck!

  • Benny and Tommy Körberg made a brief apperance at this year's Guldbagge Awards ceremony where they played a short traditional folk song. You can see the clip here. The Guldbagge Awards are Sweden’s leading film awards and have been presented since 1964 for outstanding contributions to Swedish film over the past year; Benny won the 2012 Best Music in a Film Award for his work on the film Palme.

  • Björn will appear on an episode of Scandimania, a new British series about the Scandinavian countries and their appeal. It will be broadcast tonight at 8pm on Channel 4 in the UK.




January 11, 2014

  • Waterloo Deluxe Edition CD/DVD Universal has announced the release of the Waterloo Deluxe Edition, celebrating the 40th anniversary of ABBA's Eurovision victory, on April 7. This new Deluxe Edition is the 8th in the series that started in 2006 with Arrival and supercedes 2004's 30th Anniversary Edition. Waterloo Deluxe Edition includes the same bonus tracks as the 30th Anniversary version with the addition of 3 others (all previously released).

    The DVD includes 13 selections, some previously unreleased. There are two performances from the 30th Anniversary version that are not included: "Honey, Honey" from ZDF's Starparade and "Hasta Manana" from RTVE's Señoras y Señores.

    The track listing:

    Disc 01, CD
    01. Waterloo
    02. Sitting In The Palmtree
    03. King Kong Song
    04. Hasta Mañana
    05. My Mama Said
    06. Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)
    07. Honey, Honey
    08. Watch Out
    09. What About Livingstone
    10. Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
    11. Suzy-Hang-Around

    Bonus tracks
    12. Ring Ring (US Remix 1974)
    13. Waterloo (Swedish Version)
    14. Honey, Honey (Swedish Version)
    15. Waterloo (German Version)
    16. Hasta Mañana (Spanish Version)
    17. Waterloo (French Version)
    18. Ring Ring (1974 Remix, Single Version)
    19. Waterloo (Alternate mix)

    Disc 02, DVD
    01. Waterloo (Eurovision Song Contest performance I, BBC)
    02. Waterloo (Melodifestivalen performance I, SVT)
    03. Waterloo (Melodifestivalen performance II, SVT)
    04. Waterloo (Eurovision Song Contest preview performance, SVT)
    05. Waterloo (Eurovision Song Contest, performance II, BBC)
    06. Interview with Frida and Stig after the Eurovision victory (Rapport, SVT)
    07. Waterloo (Top Of The Pops performance I, BBC)
    08. Honey, Honey (Disco, ZDF)
    09. Waterloo (Top Of The Pops performance II, BBC)
    10. Honey, Honey (Spotlight, ORF)
    11. Waterloo (German version) (Musik aus Studio B, NDR)
    12. Honey, Honey (Ein Kessel Buntes, Fernsehen der DDR)
    13. Waterloo (Top Of The Pops performance III, BBC)
    14. International Sleeve Gallery

  • SVT aired a special broadcast of Benny and Björn's latest successful musical endeavour, "Hjälp Sökes", this past Thursday as part of its "World Class Culture" series. The performance was recorded at the Orion Theatre.

  • BBC Four aired a new ABBA documentary called "The Joy of ABBA" on December 27. The programme chronicled how ABBA conquered both Sweden and Britain in the face of constant criticism, particularly from left-wing groups popular at the time. The documentary was followed by "ABBA at the BBC", a collection of clips and performances aired by the BBC during ABBA's active time.

  • Agnetha gave an interview to Swedish journalist Ulf Elfving on December 22 which aired on P4 Radio. You can listen to or download the interview (in Swedish) here.

  • Here is the entire documentary that aired on December 21 on SVT 2 about 80s pop group Ratata that included recollections from Frida on their hit 1987 single (it will be online for 9 more days).

  • SVT Sörmland aired a short report on December 20 that included a conversation with Gunnar Sandevärn (who worked with Frida in the 60s) in Torshälla, where Frida lived as a young girl with her grandmother. Gunnar showed the reporter Frida's and her grandmother's old flat building as well as where she went to school. He mentioned he had spoken to Frida a week earlier as she had been asking him for exact dates of events for a book project that is underway.

  • ABBA have an official profile on Instagram, the online photo and video sharing service owned by Facebook, managed by Universal Music Sweden. You can see photos and updates at

December 24, 2013
  • Dear ABBA website visitors,

    after spending four great days in Augsburg with my husband Ralf, I want to say a few more words. I already sent a short message about our experience in a mass mailing to our members. A detailed report will follow in ABBA No. 72.

    It was an exciting time at "Wetten, dass.." and somehow like a little dream! I could talk to Björn before the broadcast and he told me he was looking forward to the bet. Markus Lanz had informed him about this before. Björn even "cracked along" with his teeth during the bet and had a lot of fun. But the fun that Björn and also Ina Müller had was so loud that I almost couldn't hear anything during the first song! This was perhaps not so obvious on TV. Luckily it went well when everyone calmed down!

    Ralf and I are very happy about the third place and we thank you all so much for your wonderful support! We were very happy about this. We clearly saw Friedi Kühne with his slackline bet as the bet king. He was a really great "colleague" and we wish him all the best!

    A big thank you goes to Maria and Klaus-Peter from the ABBA team as well, who did the updates so quickly. I was very touched when I was looking for my mails and updates on my way home to Melle and saw the updates. You are great!!!

    With warm wishes and greetings,
    Regina & Ralf

December 22, 2013
  • The following ABBA related shows will be aired on German TV in the next days:

    RBB: December 27, 11:00 - 11:45 PM local time: The Best of ABBA
    VOX: January 1, 6:45 - 7:30 PM: Prominent - Das ABBA-Spezial (with Agnetha in the studio)
    VOX: January 2, 4:45 - 5:30 AM: Prominent - Das ABBA-Spezial (repeated)

    Thanks to Bettina!

December 15, 2013
  • A new interview excerpt with Frida was aired on the SVT1 TV magazine show Go'kväll yesterday. Among the guests were Mauro Scocco, who sang in the pop duo Ratata in the 1980s. Ratata recorded a single with Frida in 1987 called "Så Länge Vi Har Varann (As Long As I Have You)"; the portion with Frida and Mauro begins at 7:15. SVT1 will air an hour-long documentary on the group this Saturday, December 21 at 7pm.

    Frida on SVT  Frida on SVT

  • Here is a link to Björn's full appearance on Wetten, Dass…last night which included an interview and his participation in Regina and Ralf's funny and successful bet. In his interview with host Markus Lanz, and speaking in fluent German, Björn said that the four members of ABBA had met two weeks ago to discuss 40th Anniversary ESC plans and had decided against a reunion.

  • And here is a ZDF interview with Björn – once again practicing his excellent German – backstage at last night's Wetten, Dass… show. Look out for the latest issue of ABBA on the table which was given to Björn by Regina!

    Björn backstage at Wetten, Dass…

December 14, 2013
  • Björn has just appeared on "Wetten, Dass…" in Augsburg, Germany where he "sponsored" Regina and Ralf's successful bet! Congratulations from your entire ABBA team, Regina!

    Björn, Regina and Ralf on Wetten, Dass…

    Björn, Regina and Ralf on Wetten, Dass…

  • ABBA The Museum has launched a search for one chorus singer outside of Sweden for a 50-member chorus it is assembling. "ABBA The Museum – The Choir" will perform during April 4–6. The winner of the one international spot in the chorus will be flown to Stockholm and will stay at the Melody Hotel for four nights. More info and how to apply here.

    In an interview with Aftonbladet published today, Björn said that the choir effort is underway in connection with the 40th Anniversary of the ESC win, but in place of an ABBA reunion. "It's a complete impossibility that we will be reunited, so then they thought 'oh, let's do a choir instead'".

    The article and an accompanying short video interview with Björn can be seen here.

December 12, 2013
  • German ZDF TV has put a little film about Ralf and me as candidates for "Wetten dass..." online on Youtube.
    A different film will be shown in the broadcast on Saturday.

    Local papers have two reports here and here (photos only).
    We already told you that Björn is a guest of the show, but not a supporter of one of the bet candidates as some of you thought. We really hope you will like our bet and have fun!

    We look forward to your support until the end of the show.

    Of course we are very excited.

    Kind regards
    from Regina & Ralf

December 9, 2013
  • Dear ABBA website visitors and Fan Club members,

    in the next episode of the German TV game show "Wetten, dass.." on December 14, 2013 (at 8:15 PM local time) my husband Ralf and I will participate as candidates! We are not allowed to reveal what will be going on, but I may tell you it has something to do with ABBA. It's a funny bet and we really hope you will have lots of fun. Maybe you will try the bet yourself after the show!

    ZDF TV has now announced that Björn will be one of the guests of the show! Of course we (mostly myself) are even more excited now, but we are looking forward to the broadcast. With all the excitement, please keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well with the bet!

    If you can't watch the show on TV, there is a livestream on the internet!

    For us everything still feels a bit unreal and like a dream!

    With warmest wishes,
    Regina and Ralf

December 8, 2013
  • Weekly U.S. entertainment-trade magazine Variety published an article yesterday on Benny's new project with his son Ludwig involving their bringing "The Circle" (the first opus based on the best-selling Swedish fantasy trilogy "Engelsfors") to the big screen. Production is slated to begin on March 31, 2014 through RMV Film. The article says that Benny and Ludwig are considering collaborating on the film score, which will be pop-rock oriented. Benny would supervise it, with Ludvig handling some pop songs.

    Benny told the magazine: "When I worked on 'Mamma Mia' I realized how much I enjoyed being involved in the film production process. It's a somewhat different experience from producing for the theatre, as the set-up for all the creative departments is much more elaborate. The big advantage, as I see it, is that once the film is in the can, your job is done! In the theatre (as a producer) you are only half way once the show has premiered."

    Thanks to our American correspondent Maria!

December 5, 2013
  • Dear ABBA members,
    your magazines have all been sent out on Monday - out of Germany via air mail, of course. Unfortunately none of them seem to have arrived by now. Please have a little patience with the postal service. We really hope the magazines will arrive very soon and are looking forward to your feedback!

November 30, 2013
  • The latest issue of ABBA , No. 71, has been published and mailed to all of our members! Our A4 size, 36-page, full colour issue is once again jam packed with all of the latest news, unique special features and rare photos. We have all of the latest on the new and interesting books scheduled to hit the market next year, new and exclusive interviews, and the conclusions of two celebrated in-depth series, among other features. Look for fliers for ABBA–The Official Photo Book and ABBA–The Dinner and Show in this mailing!

    No. 71 p5  No. 71 p6   No. 71 pp12-13  

    No. 71 pp14-15    No. 71 p29  No. 71 p36 

    No. 71 pp24-25   

    No. 71 Poster-Calendar

    Included in ABBA No. 71:

    • 8 pages of News Extra including all the latest CD and book releases; read an interview and see exclusive rare photos from Ingmarie Halling's new book "ABBA–The Backstage Stories" here and on our back cover
    • Interview with Jeppe Wikström, creative director of ABBA–The Official Photo Book
    • Interview with Janne Schaffer, ABBA’s “Man with the Guitar”
    • Exclusive interview with Bonnie St. Claire of Dutch duo Bonnie & José
    • Two new fan projects spotlighted in our Reader's Stories
    • Photo Report: Benny Anderssons Orkester, Summer 2013
    • Frida's Something's Going On conclusion: The Singles
    • The Visitors Series Finale
    • Our competition with exclusive prizes to be won, including Agnetha "A" Deluxe CDs, Ring Ring Deluxe CDs, other ABBA-related CDs, books and magazines, and tickets for ABBA–The Dinner and Show
    • Special A3 size ABBA 2014 poster-calendar featuring a rare outtake from one of ABBA's most famous photo sessions

We're glad to bring you this final issue for 2013 just ahead of ABBA's special anniversary year. 2013 has been fantastic for ABBA fans, and we'd like to thank each and every one of our members for their continuous support. We look forward to your feedback on No. 71 and a great ABBA-filled 2014!


November 13, 2013

  • Here are some first links to Agnetha's surprise live performance with Gary Barlow last night.

    BBC link 1     BBC link 2    YouTube 1    YouTube 2    YouTube 3 (full performance)

  • Unfortunately, the new interview with Agnetha was not aired on RTL's "Punkt 12" due to a last-minute programme change. RTL's "Guten Morgen Deutschland" will air Agnetha's interview next week; they couldn't give us an exact air time, so we recommend following the program regularly through next week.

  • Here are updated publication dates for Agnetha's new German magazine interviews:

    - Das Neue (either this coming weekend or the following issue)
    - Neue Post (2 pages on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013)
    - Das Neue Blatt (2 pages on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013)


November 12, 2013

  • Agnetha has performed on stage at London's Hammersmith Eventim Apollo tonight with Gary Barlow!

    Agnetha on stage with Gary Barlow in London, 12 November 2013

    The event was one of two concerts being held for BBC's annual Children In Need fundraising appeal; the charity was formed in 1980 and has raised over £600 million to help disabled children and young people in the UK. Gary Barlow is the organiser of this year's "BBC Children in Need Rocks" concerts.

    Agnetha arrived in London on Tuesday morning with Lolo Murray and Peter Nordahl; see a report with many photos from the Daily Mail here.

    There will be another concert tomorrow evening (Wednesday). Both concerts will be combined into one TV programme which will be broadcast on BBC One this Thursday, November 14 at 8pm. Tomorrow's lineup is listed here; view the gallery of photos from tonight here.

  • Agnetha gave several interviews to the German press on Monday, November 4 to promote her upcoming Deluxe version of "A" at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. The first interview appeared in Die Welt on Sunday, November 10. In the interview, and in response to a related question, Agnetha mentioned that there might be plans to do something on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of ABBA winning the ESC. She also said that she didn't know what exactly this would be.

    The quote was picked up out of context, and as a result, worldwide media have once again been reporting that an ABBA reunion is being considered and/or planned. However, it's worth mentioning that Agnetha did not say anything about a reunion, ABBA singing on stage, or anything related to a reforming of the group. As soon as we have confirmed news about any celebration for the 40th Anniversary of the ESC win, we will let you know immediately.

    Swedish Dagens Nyheter contacted Benny and asked if it was true that ABBA were reuniting. Benny told the newspaper: "It's probably best if you ask her [Agnetha]. I think that I probably would know if it was happening."

    Here is further information on airing and press times resulting from the November 4 interviews:

    • RTL, Germany will air a new interview during the programme "Punkt 12" at 12 o'clock tomorrow (November 13, 2013).

    • The RTL show "Guten Morgen Deutschland" will also air an interview later next week.

    • The following German magazines will also feature new Agnetha interviews: Das neue Blatt, Das Neue and Neue Post. The interviews will appear around the release of the Deluxe Version of "A".

  • Swedish TV channel SVT1 will broadcast the Agnetha BBC documentary (Swedish title: "Agnetha – från ABBA till idag") on December 21, 2013 at 8pm.

  • A filmed version of the "Hjälp sökes" musical will air on Swedish SVT1 on January 9, 2014 at 9pm.

  • Ticket sales for the autumn 2014 season of Mamma Mia! in Helsinki start on Friday November 15 at 10am local time. Performance dates can be found here. The Finnish production will continue into the spring of 2015, with ticket sales for that season starting in spring 2014.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!


October 28, 2013

  • Universal has now confirmed that Agnetha's "A" Deluxe Version will be released on November 22, 2013. The CD does not include any bonus tracks or other bonus material. The DVD includes the BBC documentary "Agnetha: ABBA and after".

    'A' Deluxe Edition - CD & DVD

October 22, 2013
  • Björn and his wife Lena attended the successful Mamma Mia! premiere in St. Petersburg. Many thanks to Dmitry Abrosimov and Dmitry Shipov.

    Lena and Björn in St. Petersburg - © Dmitry Abrosimov Björn on stage - © Dmitry Abrosimov

  • During the Swedish Film Institute's (SFI) 50th anniversary ABBA The Movie was shown as part of the ongoing festivities in Stockholm. Anna Serner, SFI's CEO, welcomed director Lasse Hallström and Benny Andersson prior to the screening and talking to both of them about the film and current ongoing projects. More about it in our next issue ABBA No. 71.

    Lasse and Benny - © Micke Bayart
     Photo © Micke Bayart

October 20, 2013
  • November 18, 2013 is the release date for Agnetha's CD single "I should've followed you home" (feat. Gary Barlow) with the following remixes:

    • I Should've Followed You Home (7th Heaven Radio Edit)
    • I Should've Followed You Home
    • I Should've Followed You Home (7th Heaven Club Mix)
    • I Should've Followed You Home (7th Heaven Dub)

    You can pre-order here. The CD single is released world-wide with the exception of the UK, Germany and Austria.

  • On November 25, 2013 Agnetha's CD single "The One Who Loves You Now" is released in the UK. This CD single can be pre-ordered here.

    Agnetha: I Should've Followed You Home Agnetha: The One Who Loves You Now

  • A Deluxe Edition of "A" will be released in the end of November (planned release date is November 22, 2013 but may be subject to change) including the CD and a DVD with the BBC documentary.

  • Björn - © Volkswagen magasin Björn has given an interview for Swedish Volkswagen magazine on Monday. He has spoken openly about his past and present life. It has not yet been announced when the issue with the Björn interview will be published. Photo shooting was done in the autumn coloured Djursholm.

    Foto © Volkswagen magasin

  • Members of Swedish Tourist Journalist's association have met Björn Ulvaeus at ABBA The Museum in September. This week the association has published an article of this meeting. Björn told that he invested 40 million Swedish Crowns into the museum. There have been 200,000 visitors so far, so ABBA The Museum is one of the most popular attractions in Stockholm. It is important to keep the place alive, so Björn is also involved in creating upcoming events.
    "It is important that things happen and that new things come in every year. Already today we have developed an English language course based on ABBA song lyrics."
    A real news item has come up when Björn was asked about writing something new. He replied:
    "Yes, absolutely, we have a new musical in the works. But I can't say more now."
    The tourist journalists wanted to know what is Björn's favourite trip.
    "Hard (to say). But I am just coming from Croatia. I chartered a motorboat and sailed for a week, it was unbeatable."

  • For two years, Swedish brain surgeon Christian Brandt and his brother Carl-Johan Brandt have photographed 40 famous Swedes for a photo book called "We Can All Contribute". Also personal notes, excerpts from song lyrics and anecdotes from photo shootings are put along the photos. Profits of the project go to the organization "Läkare utan gränser" (Doctors without borders). One of the persons who has been photographed for this charity project is Björn. The book will be published by Fri Tanke, which is partly owned by Björn.

    Special thanks to Pentti Koponen!

  • Let's talk about ABBA The book "Let's talk about ABBA" by our former Belgian correspondent Stany Van Wijmeersch will be published in November. It will be released in English and Dutch language.

  • Prior to the "Ring Ring" 40th anniversary release, ABBA The Museum arranged its first Pop Talk session in order to commemorate and to learn more on the group's first album from 1973. The guests invited had a close connection to it and the museum's CEO Mattias Hansson talked to Owe Sandström, Janne Schaffer, Carl Magnus Palm and Claes af Geijerstam about how things were back in 1973 and what the Swedish music business was like. The event was filled with videoclips, songs being played and lots of personal memories of every guest.

    The overall experience of the "Ring Ring" album, according to Palm, is that one of a joyous album, somewhat messy yet full of energy - with the overall question of where these four individuals would be musically heading together to. He also pointed out that it marks a milestone in Swedish music history because of its Wall of Sound, which until then was only heard on American records. Claes af Geijerstam, who actually beat the quartet in the 1973 Swedish heat of the Eurovision Song Contest with his group "Malta", pointed out that the four didn't have that special sound during the TV performance when trying to represent Sweden in the international finals. As evidence, he played the only existing sound recording from the TV show proving that the live performance and the studio recording of "Ring Ring" were sound worlds apart.

    Thanks to Micke Bayart!

    Pop Talk in ABBA The Museum - © Micke Bayart

October 13, 2013
  • The Stockholm University College of Music Education (Stockholms Musikpedagogiska Institut, SMI) has started a new one year's education programme for musical artists. The education is grounded and developed by Kinga Szabadváry, who was part of the ensemble and understudy of Ulrika in Kristina från Duvemåla in Helsinki. Benny liked Kinga Szabadváry's ambitions and visions. Benny Andersson Produktion AB gives annual economical support for SMI and the money will be spent for developing of the education as well as scolarships (covering half of the price of the education: 54.400 Swedish Crowns) for six students.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

October 8, 2013
  • Here is a very interesting article (in German) about the CD "Hjälp Sökes" with songs written by Björn and Benny for the musical.

October 4, 2013
  • The fourth Hep Stars album "It's Been A Long Long Time" including two bonus tracks will be available from October 21, 2013. UK distribution is done by Cherry Red and German distribution by Rough Trade.
    Many thanks to Björn Junga!

September 29, 2013
  • A CD by Bryn Terfel published on September 13 includes a song written by Benny: "Give Me My Song" featuring Sissel and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
    Thanks to Frank!

  • October 25, 2013 is the release date for the double CD "André Rieu celebrates ABBA - Music of the night".
    Many thanks to Martina Wiemar!

September 24, 2013
  • Agnetha's album "A" has re-entered the German album charts at position 28!

  • BAO's tour agency Blixten & Co will produce Kristina från Duvemåla's return to Sweden. First the production opens at GöteborgsOperan in Gothenburg on October 25, 2014. This is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the opera house there. Kristina moves to Stockholm in the autumn of 2015, but the premiere date at Cirkus has not yet been announced.
    GöteborgsOperan plans to start ticket sales in March 2014.
    The Helsinki main cast will recreate their roles in Sweden. Maria Ylipää as Kristina, Robert Noack as Karl-Oskar, Robert Nilsson as Robert and Birthe Wingren as Ulrika. Lars Rudolfsson will direct.

    The Swedish Film Institute is celebrating its 50th anniversary. One of the celebration events is the screening of ABBA The Movie on October 19, at 20:15 at Bio Victor in Stockholm. Benny and Lasse Hallström will attend and introduce the film.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

    Kristina finale in Helsinki - © Pentti Koponen Kristina finale in Helsinki - © Pentti Koponen

September 21, 2013
  • Two more dates for Bubi Heilemann's multimedia show "ABBA Hautnah" in Germany:
    November 8, 2013 at 8 PM in the Stadthalle, Nordenham
    November 9, 2013 at 8 PM in the Commedia-Veranstaltungszentrum, Delmenhorst

  • Here is a recent interview with Björn speaking about religion and music.
    Thanks to Jörn!

  • "Ljudet från Norden" (The Nordic Sound) is a documentary film about Yana Mangi, a Sami rock singer who lives close to the North Pole in Sweden. Benny is interviewed in the film. The film has been screened at some culture/film festivals and events.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

September 14, 2013
  • ABBA Hautnah Multimedia Show (in Germany) As already reported in ABBA No. 70, the well-known photographer Bubi Heilemann will present his most beautiful, partly unpublished photos in his 2-hour multimedia show "ABBA Hautnah" (ABBA Up Close), telling exciting stories about the photos in German. The first show takes place on October 9, 2013 at 8 PM in the Kesselhaus in Kolbermoor (Bayern). Don't miss it! Further dates will follow on .

  • Now available as official download from iTunes Germany, Austria, Switzerland:

    Agnetha Fältskog "Dance your pain away (D.U.P. RMX)"
    (D.U.P. are Peter Plate + Ulf Sommer + Daniel Faust)
    A snippet of the remix can be found on Youtube.

    We had so many sensational feedbacks from fans all over the world, that was so amazing! Thanks a lot!!! And thank you all for asking for an official possibility to download the mix.
    Many greetings from Berlin
    Roberto Monden, pop-out music management & D.U.P.

  • Two new Polish books on ABBA will be published in November. The first one is the polish translation of Carl Magnus Palm's "ABBA - The Story" and the second one is titled "ABBA - Fenomen I Legenda Muzyki" by Marzena Tarka.
    Thanks to Piotr Krainski!

    Polish book ABBA by Carl Magnus Palm Polish book ABBA - Fenomen I Legenda Muzyki by Marzena Tarka

  • From the official ABBAsite:

    Expect exciting news at 12.00 GMT on Sunday about ABBA : THE OFFICIAL PHOTO BOOK. Get a sneak preview and exclusive info on how to pre-order the strictly limited Collector's editions. The book will be published in spring next year but pre-orders of the Super Trouper Limited edition and the Deluxe edition - with amazing extra material - can be made from Sunday at 12.00 GMT (13.00 UK time, 14.00 Central European Time, 22.00 Australia Eastern Standard Time, 08.00 EST).
    Stay tuned!   #Abbaphotobook

    ABBA The Official Photo Book

September 12, 2013
  • is an online radio completely dedicated to ABBA. They play ABBA and related music (including Frida, Agnetha, Mamma Mia!, Chess etc.) 24 hours every day! Waterloo Radio is approved by ABBA! Benny has even sent personal greetings to the station. Give it a try!

  • The application phase for the Helsinki production of Mamma Mia! is now finished and a total of 930 people have applied for roles. 500 people will be called for the first audition starting September 30.

  • An event called "Magiska Möten" (Magical Meetings) will take place in Norberg in Sweden on Friday, September 13 from 7 - 11 PM. One of the activities is an outdoor interview with the authors of the book "Cirkeln", Strandberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren in the park Kärrgruveparken. The host will be Ludvig Andersson from his and Benny's company RMV Films, which is producing a film of "Cirkeln". The events of the book take place in a fictional town called Engelsfors, resembling Norberg.

  • Peter Jöback releases a new album "I love Musicals", which was recorded at Benny's Riksmixningsverket studio earlier this year. The album includes "Pity The Child" from CHESS and obviously the first officially released studio version of "Gold Can Turn To Sand", the English version of the Kristina hit "Guldet blev till sand".

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

  • The concert "An Evening for Anna Lindh" on September 11, 2013 included performances by Benny, Eva Dahlgren, Loreen and Moneybrother among others. BAO have played two songs: "Bortom sol och måne" and "Saknadens rum".

    BAO at Anna Lindh memorial concert - © Micke Bayart BAO at Anna Lindh memorial concert - © Micke Bayart
    Photos © Micke Bayart

September 11, 2013
  • On September 9 a memorial service for Swedish foreign affairs minister Anna Lindh took place, who was murdered on September 11, 2003.
    Benny played "Kärlekens Tid" accompanied by a choir and the singers Irma Schultz Keller and Anna Järvinen Palme.

    Benny - © Micke Bayart Benny - © Micke Bayart Benny - © Micke Bayart
    Photos © Micke Bayart

August 29, 2013
  • 'Hjälp sökes' CD The CD from the musical "Hjälp sökes" (Mono Music MMCD 032) will be released on September 4. It includes 10 tracks written by Benny and Björn and sung by Sofia Pekkari, Johan Ulveson and Magnus Roosmann.
    The songs "Svarta silhuetter" and "Själv är bäste dräng" will be performed in the SVT1 TV talkshow "Moraeus med mera" hosted by BAO member Kalle Moraeus on Sunday, September 8.

  • Benny will perform at a charity concert for Ersta barnhospice (child hospice) at Ersta Church in Stockholm on September 7 at 4:00 - 5:30 PM. The concert features music by Lars-Erik Larsson and Benny Andersson. The artists:
    Benny Andersson
    Gustaf Sjökvist's Chamber Choir
    Julia Dufvenius (recitation)
    Jeanette Köhn (soprano)
    Patrik Sandin (barytone)
    Henrik Alinder (organ)
    Gustaf Sjökvist (conductor)

    Benny Anderssons Orkester are among the artists performing at the concert "An Evening for Anna Lindh" on September 11 at 6:30 - 8:00 PM in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm. It is dedicated to the late minister of foreign affairs Anna Lindh.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

August 25, 2013
  • Kristina concert in Jönköping Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan writes today about the massive Kristina concert with huge choir that will be done in Jönköping on September 7. In Malmö one hundred people are rehearsing the musical right now. Alltogether there will be closer to 700 singers in the choir! The one-time-only concert includes all the music from the musical and lasts 3.5 hours. According to the paper Benny Andersson has approved the concept and "he and his representatives are following the process." They don't mention whether Benny, Björn and/or Lars will attend the concert.

    Concert version of Kristina från Duvemåla
    Kinnarps Arena, Jönköping, September 7 at 6:00 PM local time
    Sanna Nielsen: Kristina
    Christer Nerfont: Karl Oskar
    Bruno Mitsogiannis: Robert
    Åsa Fång: Ulrika
    Marianne Mörck: Fina-Kajsa and narrator
    Anders Eljas: conductor for Jönköpings Sinfonietta

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

  • Svenska Teatern in Helsinki announced on Friday that they will stage Mamma Mia! with premiere on September 27, 2014. Svenska Teatern's ACE-Production and Swedish are the local producers.
    Auditions will begin September 30. They are open for everyone, but the wish is that there would be as many Finnish born, Swedish talking/singing artists as possible. Auditions are supervised by the MM! team from London. Björn will attend some of the auditions. It is believed that also Benny will be occasionally in Helsinki. The local director has not yet been announced. But it is very likely that Lars Rudolfsson's assistant for Kristina, Maria Sid, will be involved some way also in MM! During the last Kristina performance she said that B&B have asked her for another work project with them, but could not say what it will be.
    Ticket sales begin November 15, 2013.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

August 23, 2013
  • Dance Your Pain Away D.U.P. RemixGerman VOX TV will re-air the 40-minute Agnetha Documentary "Prominent Spezial" on September 8 at 11:15 PM local time. Thanks to Peter Kauczor!

  • A new remix of Agnetha's "Dance Your Pain Away" by Peter Plate (of the German band Rosenstolz), Daniel Faust and Ulf Sommer has been sent out as an alternate version to all German radio stations. Peter said: "It was a great pleasure to work with the single files of the song, to find a new vision of the album version and create something that is different and surprising. We all feel very honoured that we got the allowance to work on this song. We did it with a lot of fun and full of respect. Agnetha is such a great artist and we really appreciate that she and her team gave us the chance to work on this song and create something different." The remix has been cleared for airplay starting today. Please note that it is not for sale so far.
    Thanks to Roberto Monden!

August 17, 2013
  • ABBA No. 70 has been published and mailed to all of our members! Our new issue is packed with the latest news, rare and exclusive photos, special reports about the opening of ABBA The Museum as well as Agnetha's recent activies in promotion of "A". We are proud to publish a never-before-seen ABBA photo as our poster in this issue – special thanks to Bubi Heilemann for his exclusive permission! Members will find two flyers enclosed with their issues: one about Bubi Heilemann's new project (read our article for more details) and one about tribute act "Dancing Fever – The ABBA Tribute Show".

    Included in ABBA No. 70:

    • News Extra including all the latest CD/book releases and news on all four members' activities
    • Exclusive: ABBA Up Close – the new mulitmedia slide show by Bubi Heilemann
    • Extensive in-depth report on the opening of ABBA The Museum with detailed accounts of all four days during opening week, tons of exclusive photos of Frida, Björn and Benny, a new interview with CEO Mattias Hansson, and contributions from our members
    • Report on Agnetha promoting her new album "A" in London and Stockholm
    • Our competition with very special prizes to be won: exclusive items from ABBA The Museum, CD single copies of "When You Really Loved Someone", and a giant promotional poster for "A"
    • A3 sized poster with a previously-unpublished ABBA photo from 1978 taken by Bubi Heilemann

      We hope you enjoy our latest issue and look forward to your feedback!

      No. 70 Pages 6-7  No. 70 Pages 8-9

      No. 70 Pages 10-11  No. 70 Pages 14-15

      No. 70 Pages 24-25  No. 70 Pages 34-35

      No. 70 Pages 18-19  No. 70 Prizes


August 9, 2013

  • Universal Germany just informed us about the World premiere of Agnetha's new video clip on Monday.

    "Dance Your Pain Away" Video Premiere - On Monday, August 12 at 11:00 AM German time!

    Agnetha plus 10 winners will be seen who managed to get their self-recorded dance clips into the music video.

  • A new Polish ABBA book will be released on September 25.
    Title: ABBA w Polsce (ABBA in Poland)
    Author: Maciej Oranski
    Publisher: Dom Wydawniczy Rebis

    The book may be pre-ordered from Empik.
    Thanks to Piotr!

    Polish ABBA book

August 3, 2013
  • Here are more photos of Agnetha at Stockholm Pride this past Thursday. More photos to follow in ABBA No. 70.

    Agnetha at Stockholm Pride   Agnetha at Stockholm Pride

    Agnetha at Stockholm Pride   Agnetha at Stockholm Pride


August 1, 2013

  • Here are some first photos of Agnetha's appearance at Stockholm Pride this evening.

    Agnetha at Stockholm Pride

July 31, 2013

  • Many thanks to Maik Dünkel and Daniel Pfeiffer for sending us these photos from the current BAO Tour. BAO presented their new track "Det föll en sten från mitt hjärta" during the concert, plus a Swedish version of "I Am Just A Girl" sung by Tommy Körberg and "One Man, One Woman" by Helen and Tommy.

    BAO Tour 2013 - © Maik Dünkel BAO Tour 2013 - © Maik Dünkel BAO Tour 2013 - © Maik Dünkel BAO Tour 2013 - © Daniel Pfeiffer

  • Agnetha's new CD single can be ordered from the Universal website.
    Thanks to Andreas!

July 24, 2013
  • "Dance Your Pain Away" has been digitally released in Germany last weekend, here is the direct link to iTunes.
    Unfortunately there will be no physical CD single.

  • Stockholm Pride, Sweden and Scandinavia's largest Gay Pride Festival, proudly announce that Agnetha Fältskog from ABBA will attend the festival on August 1st. Agnetha will make a very special guest appearance on the main stage in Pride Park, Stockholm, where she will be presented with a gold record for her critically heralded album "A". Stockholm Pride runs from July 30th to August 3rd. Tickets are available at

July 20, 2013
  • Agnetha's new single "Dance Your Pain Away" will be available as a Maxi CD from the UK at . Shipping starts on July 29 and the price is 3.49 Euros right now.
    Thanks to Thomas Stierand!

  • Björn and Tony Roth appeared at the Visfestivalen in Västervik to the surprise of the audience. Their performance with a medley of Hootenanny Singers songs was a tribute to the late Hansi Schwarz.

July 18, 2013
  • German MDR TV will show the cultural programme "Artour" today at 10:05 PM local time featuring Agnetha.
    Thanks to Peter Kauczor!

  • Today is the premiere of a new musical in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: "Para Sempre ABBA" ("Forever ABBA"). It is a musical based on the ABBA songs, the story takes place in a hotel and the cast (all of them well-known in the Brazilian musical scene) play and sing about 40 songs.
    Thanks to Carlos Nunes!

July 1, 2013
  • Ring Ring Deluxe Edition The Ring Ring Deluxe Edition will be released in October. Here is the tracklisting:

    • CD:
      1. Ring Ring
      2. Another Town, Another Train
      3. Disillusion
      4. People Need Love
      5. I Saw It In The Mirror
      6. Nina, Pretty Ballerina
      7. Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)
      8. Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother
      9. He Is Your Brother
      10. She's My Kind Of Girl
      11. I Am Just A Girl
      12. Rock'n Roll Band

      Bonus tracks:
      13. Ring ring (bara du slog en signal) (Swedish Version)
      14. Merry-Go-Round
      15. Santa Rosa
      16. Ring Ring (Spanish Version)
      17. Wer im Wartesaal der Liebe steht (German Version of Another Town, Another Train)
      18. Ring Ring (German Version)
      19. En hälsning till våra parkarrangörer

      Extra Bonus tracks - early versions:
      20. Hej gamle man! / Björn & Benny
      21. There's A Little Man / Billy G-son
      22. I Saw It In The Mirror / Billy G-son
      23. Jag är blott en man / Jarl Kulle
      24. Man vill ju leva lite dessemellan / Anni-Frid Lyngstad
      25. Välkommen till världen / Lill-Babs

    • DVD:
      1. People Need Love (Vi i femman, SVT)
      2. Ring Ring (Spotlight, ORF)
      3. Ring Ring revealed (Låtarna som förändrade musiken, UR)
      4. International Sleeve Gallery

June 28, 2013
  • Swedish TV Kunskapskanalen will show an episode of the documentary "Låtarna som förändrade musiken" (Songs that changed the music) featuring Benny Andersson and Michael B. Tretow on July 5 from 19:30 - 20:00 and again on July 10 from 0:20 - 0:50.
    Thanks to Steffen Stolze!

June 13, 2013
  • Swedish Radio P2 has an interview with Benny (including music) from Sunday, June 9.
    Thanks to Egbert from Hamburg!

June 10, 2013
  • Today German OS1 TV had an ABBA-themed programme featuring Regina as a guest in their studio.
    You can see the interview here.

    Regina on Osnabrück TV

  • "We write the story" is now available from as a 2 track single download.
    Thanks to Thomas Stierand!

May 26, 2013
  • This week there's a six page interview with Björn in 'Le Soir Magazine' and they announce the screening of the three new Swedish documentaries on Belgian TV "La une - RTBF":

    • May 31 at 22:15 - Vägen till Waterloo (The Way to Waterloo)
    • June 7 at 22:15 - Dancing Queen
    • June 14 at 22:15 - The documentary about their costumes etc.

    Thanks to Emilie!

May 25, 2013
  • BBC 1 TV will air "Agnetha: ABBA & After", a one-hour documentary, on Tuesday 11 June at 10:35pm. It will feature exclusive access to Agnetha in the studio and interviews with Björn, Benny, Gary Barlow, English DJ Tony Blackburn, Jörgen Elofsson, Peter Nordahl and Sir Tim Rice.

  • "Dance Your Pain Away" will be the next single to be released in the U.S. from Agnetha's "A" album. It will be available for digital download only this Tuesday 28 May as a 3-track release from Included will be two remixes by Smash Mode. The tracks will most likely be available only to U.S.-based customers, similar to the orchestral version of "I Was A Flower" which is only available on to Germany-based customers.

  • Agnetha's pre-recorded interview with Graham Norton on BBC Radio 2 aired this morning in the UK. You can listen to it here (the interview with Agnetha starts at approximately 1:25:00).

  • Read Paris Match's interview with Agnetha (in French) here.

May 23, 2013
  • The final Kristina från Duvemåla at Svenska Teatern in Helsinki was a success. The original main cast was on stage and in very good form. The ensemble did and said funny things that they don't do in reqular performances. Benny, Björn and Lars (who arrived with a private flight half an hour before the show time) watched the show from the first row of first balcony, but did not go on stage at the end of the show.
    Attending the performance were Helen Sjöholm, Anders Ekborg, Anders Eljas & Wenche Myhre, Maria Sid and families of many of the actors.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

    Final Kristina show in Helsinki

  • The final Kristina från Duvemåla week at Svenska Teatern in Helsinki began with understudy Nina Kronlund doing the role of Ulrika. On Tuesday the whole original main cast was on duty. Some minor changes have been done due to Maria Ylipää´s advanced pregnancy. Musical director Markku Luuppala had his final day on Tuesday, the last two Kristina performances will be lead by original musical director Hans Ek. The mayor of Helsinki attended Tuesday´s performance.
    Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

    Final Kristina week in Helsinki

May 18, 2013
  • A release party for Agnetha's new album "A" was held last night in Stockholm. During the party, Agnetha received the Swedish Society of Popular Music Composers (SKAP) 2013 Kai Gullmar Memorial Award, given to her by board member Johan Ekelund for "always being present and having an unparalleled position in Swedish music history and its future". Kai Gullmar is known as Sweden's first popular female composer and was one of the 20th century's most successful and beloved composers in Sweden. She wrote over 500 songs including ballads, film music and popular standards.

    Watch a short video of the presentation here.

    Agnetha is pictured below with Johan Ekelund and album producer Jörgen Elofsson. Photo © Kjell Holmstrand

    Agnetha receives SKAP Award

May 17, 2013
  • A 25-minute ABBA special will be shown on May 19, 2013 on German VOX TV at 10:40 PM local time on the show "Prominent". It is about ABBA's ESC victory, but also features a new Agnetha interview plus Carl Magnus Palm and Ingmarie Halling.

May 15, 2013
  • Björn gave an interview to CBC Radio's Jian Ghomeshi (Canada) a week after the opening of the ABBA Museum. You can listen to the interview here.

  • A few days after her return to Stockholm last Friday, a large number of articles and features on Agnetha continue to appear in the worldwide press, including reviews of "A". Here are some highlights from the last week:

  • has an exclusive bonus track from "A" available for download: "I Was A Flower (Orchestral Version)". You must reside in Germany in order to be able to purchase the track.

  • The streaming of "A" through digital music service Spotify features commentary from Agnetha and Jörgen Elofson in between the 10 songs on the album.

  • A new French magazine dedicated to ABBA published by Nova Presse (May-June-July 2013, 82 pages) is available on newsstands in France. Thanks to Annie Legrand!



May 11, 2013

  • We have posted some exclusive video clips of Frida, Björn and Benny on the red carpet at the gala opening of ABBA the Museum this past Monday on our Facebook page.

  • Issue No. 2 of Företagsminnen, a periodical about Swedish business history, is dedicated to Swedish music and includes a 3-page article on Stig Anderson. The cover callout reads "Stikkan: The 5th Member of ABBA", while the article is titled "Without Stig, no music industry". The magazine is available now on Swedish newsstands and more info can be found on the Centre for Business History's website.

    Stig in Företagsminnen magazine


May 9, 2013

  • Agnetha's "When You Really Loved Someone" has officially been remixed by The Alias. You can listen to the results on Agnetha's official website.

  • Read the New York Times' interview with Agnetha published on Monday.

  • Here are additional photos from the events of earlier this week, starting with the press conference and photo opportunity on Monday afternoon, the gala in the evening, the museum opening on Tuesday morning, and immediately following the taping of The Today Show on Tuesday afternoon.

    In addition to the three ABBA members, guests on Monday night included Peter and Nanne Grönvall, Ludvig Andersson, Linda Ulvaeus, Svenne and Lotta, Owe Sandstrom, Tommy Körberg, and a rare apperance by Micke B. Tretow with his wife.


May 8, 2013

  • Amid much fanfare and worldwide press coverage, ABBA the Museum (and the Swedish Music Hall of Fame) opened its doors yesterday in Stockholm. The opening was preceded by a gala VIP event on Monday evening attended by Frida, Benny and Björn in addition to other Swedish celebrities. Both Frida and Björn spoke to the press on the red carpet and signed autographs. There was no formal ribbon cutting, but the members observed a light and music show outside the museum with the rest of the invited guests.

    Footage of Benny's arrival can be viewed here, while more footage and comments by the three members can be viewed here, here and here.

    There was no live video link with Agnetha, but a short video greeting taped in London was posted on ABBA the Museum's Facebook page a couple of hours before the start of the gala. This video can also currently be seen inside the museum.

    Earlier on Monday, a press conference was held attended by Björn and museum CEO Mattias Hansson. On Sunday, a VIP tour of the museum was held attended by Frida and Benny, who met with fans and signed autographs afterwards.

    Here is one of the many articles that have appeared in the press that includes a video from the gala event. Footage can also be viewed on the museum's homepage.

    On opening day, Björn and Mattias were on hand at 10:00 to welcome the first museum visitors. Björn officially opened the museum with 2012 ESC winner Loreen. At about 14.00, Frida and Björn did a short interview outside the entrance with Natalie Morales and Keir Simmons of American TV morning programme "The Today Show" which was broadcast live in the United States. Agnetha was interviewed separately by Keir Simmons in London for the segment. Frida signed more autographs after the taping.

    ABBA the Museum Gala Event

    ABBA the Museum Gala Event

    ABBA the Museum Gala Event

    Eva Dahlgren, Björn and Efva Attling

    ABBA the Museum Gala Event

    Frida and Björn on the Today Show

    Frida and Björn on the Today Show


May 5, 2013

  • Here is fan footage of Agnetha's appearance at G-A-Y @ Heaven in London last night.

  • Björn, Joakin Alm of ALM Equity and Michael Wolf of Swebank have bought the old Ericsson headquarters near Telefonplan in Stockholm. Their plan is to build a housing complex of several hundred flats for young people and people who want to buy their first own flat. The project is called The Brick. Björn met King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia during their visit to The Brick yesterday as part of the the King's tour around Sweden to celebrate 40 years of reign. Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

    Björn and the King of Sweden 4 May 2013

May 4, 2013

  • Here is another interview with Björn ahead of the museum opening on British financial website This is
  • You can listen to Agnetha's interview from yesterday to BBC Radio 4 here.

  • Another extensive Agnetha interview appearing in this weekend's edition of British tabloid Daily Mail is here.


May 3, 2013

  • Agnetha has given interviews to the press today from inside Abbey Road Studios in London, including to U.S. morning TV programme The Today Show and to John Wilson of BBC Radio 4's Front Row programme. That interview will be aired today at 19.15 local time.

  • Meanwhile, Björn's press activities in promotion of ABBA The Museum continue, including articles in the May 2013 editions of Kupé (the magazine of Sweden's SJ railways) and Traveller (the inflight magazine of easyJet Airlines).

  • The next edition in the series ROCK CLASSICS, published by the team behind German SLAM Alternative Music Magazine, will be dedicated to ABBA. ROCK CLASSICS #10 goes on sale this Monday, May 6 and is an ultimate ABBA special edition with 100 pages of biographies and news, interviews, rarities and memorabilia, four posters and much more. The magazine includes a two-page feature on the Fan Club with an interview with editor Regina.

    The magazine will be available on newsstands in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg and can also be ordered online here.

    Rock Classics #10   Rock Classics #10  

    Rock Classics #10   Rock Classics #10   Rock Classics #10

April 30, 2013

  • Agnetha will be interviewed on the German TV programme "Leute Heute" on ZDF TV, May 2 at 5:45 PM local time!
    Thanks to Peter Kauczor!

  • One week ahead of its opening, ABBA The Museum's website has just relaunched with a new design. A new commercial promoting the museum can be viewed on the website or here.


  • Here is a roundup of the rest of Agnetha's press activity over the past week. The majority of these interviews were conducted in Stockholm in earlier this year; album reviews are also starting to appear in the press.

    Agnetha is currently thought to be in the UK for further promotion of her new album and a series of interviews with UK, US and other European outlets. Agnetha in Q magazine

    • Interview in the May 2013 edition of The Australian Women's Weekly (currently on newsstands)
    • Interview in Helsingin Sanomat (in Finnish)
    • Article, interview and new information in Musikindustrin, a Swedish trade site (in Swedish)
    • Interview in the summer 2013 edition of Attitude, Britain's leading gay magazine; "A" gets 3.5 out of 5 stars (currently on newsstands and available as a digital download for mobile or tablet devices)
    • Interview in British music magazine Q with new pictures; "A" gets 3 stars (currently on newsstands and available as a digital download for tablet devices)

In addition, the following two items have been confirmed:

  • An exclusive interview on Australian TV Channel 7's Sunday Night Special filmed in Stockholm to air this Sunday, May 5 at 6:30 p.m.; watch a TV commercial promoting the show here.

  • An in-person appearance at the G-A-Y at Heaven night club in central London at 12:30 a.m. this Saturday, May 4; wrist bands for entry available from G-A-Y Bar at 30 Old Compton Street. Ten fans will be selected to meet Agnetha in person backstage. Tribute band Björn Again are also scheduled to perform.



April 28, 2013

  • New interviews with Agnetha can be found in the German magazine Brigitte Nr. 10 and in the newspapers Zeit Nr. 18 and Berliner Zeitung. Thanks to Susanna!

  • There are no Agnetha appearances planned for Germany. But she will give various interviews in London and some of them will be featured in German TV programmes like Leute Heute, Brisant, Prominent etc. This is all the information we have at the moment.

April 24, 2013
  • German TV SAT 1 has announced a 25 minute special about Agnetha the night from Monday, May 13 to Tuesday, May 14 at 1:30 AM local time.
    Special thanks to Peter Kauczor!

April 23, 2013
  • To all ABBA Fan Club members!

    The ABBA waxwork models were unveiled by Bonnie Tyler in Berlin. They will be displayed there until June 28, 2013 before going to Amsterdam. We have 2 x 2 free tickets for Madame Tussauds in Berlin to give away. All fan club members will get an e-mail with further information.
    We also got the following ticket offer from Madame Tussauds for you:

    Hello ABBA fans!!
    The capital becomes the "Dancing Queen" - Madame Tussauds Berlin gets the ABBA waxwork models.
    See the figures of Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid until June 28, 2013 as a group of at least 6 persons and pay just 14 Euros with the booking keyword "Dancing Queen" (instead of 21 Euros) per person.
    Enjoy preferred admission without queueing.
    If you donate us an ABBA fan item as a group, you will get free admission for one additional person.
    Bookings and further infos via phone 0180-5545800 (within Germany: 14ct./min from the German network, mobile phone rate from German providers max. 42ct./min) or this link.

    Bonnie Tyler and the ABBA waxworks in Berlin

April 20, 2013
  • Agnetha Agnetha gave an in-depth interview to Norwegian tabloid VG Helg which appears on newsstands this weekend. The interview is by Karin Muri and features new photos by Sara Johannessen.

    As reported on her official website earlier this week, Agnetha also filmed an exclusive documentary for the BBC in Stockholm's Atlantis Studios last week.

  • In addition to a CD single, a limited edition 7" vinyl picture disc edition of Agnetha's single "When You Really Loved Someone" is now available for purchase.

  • Ahead of the HARPA (Nordic Film Composer Award) ceremony in Norway tomorrow (as reported, Benny is nominated for his score for the documentary Palme), here is Benny in a recent interview discussing the project.

  • Here is the entirety of Frida's touching tribute to Jon Lord during Zermatt Unplugged 2013 earlier this month.

  • Benny has launched a new film production company, RMV Film, with his son Ludvig to adapt award-winning young adult Swedish novel The Circle, the first of the Engelsfors trilogy. The novel follows six teenage girls who discover they are witches and have been chosen to save the world from an alien evil.

    It was originally acquired by Sweden’s Filmlance, but according to Dagens Nyheter, the authors lost faith in the project and withdrew from the production. Ludvig then read the book and suggested a big screen adaptation to his father. RMV Film will be run by Swedish producer Cecilia Norman Mardell, with shooting scheduled to get underway in early 2014. Ludvig said: “We are not interested in just standing there with the money – we will be actively involved in the work, and I think we have experiences that could be useful.”

  • The New York production of Mamma Mia! will leave the Winter Garden Theatre and move to the slightly smaller Broadhurst Theatre some six blocks away later this year. The Winter Garden seats 1,498 people, while the Broadhurst accommodates 1,182. Both are run by the Shubert Organization. Mamma Mia! is now the 10th longest-running show on Broadway.

April 19, 2013

  • Björn and Mattias Hansson were in Moscow on Thursday, April 18, 2013 to promote ABBA The Museum. The press conference is here. Björn also appeared on the TV talk show "Evening Urgant" on Russia's Channel One. Many thanks to Dmitry Shipov, Maria Davydov and Konstantin Ischenko.

    Björn's Moscow appearance followed a rushed interview with BBC One Breakfast in London this past Tuesday, April 16, after which he apologised for a slip of the tongue concerning the terrorist bombings in Boston, USA in reply to a question about how he stays in good shape. In a statement released the same day through ABBA The Museum, Björn said: "This morning on BBC Breakfast I let my tongue slip with terrible results. I feel very, very bad about it, I am truly sorry and I hope that everybody understands that it was an unbelievably stupid slip of the tongue. As everyone else I feel sorrow about what's happened and deep compassion with the victims of this atrocity."

    Björn in Moscow Björn in Moscow Björn and Mattias in Moscow

April 15, 2013
  • Swedish Television SVT has now confirmed that Benny, Björn and the well-known Swedish DJ Avicii have written a new anthem for the 2013Eurovision Song Contest , titled "We Write the Story".

    The song will be performed at the ESC in Malmö on May 18. Executive producer Martin Österdahl said the song could be described as a mixture of Benny and Björn's greatest hits plus a typical Avicii instrumental soundscape like "Fade into Darkness", adding that the subject of an ABBA reunion was not brought up by SVT.

April 13, 2013
  • The 2013 Zermatt Unplugged music festival wraps up today in Switzerland. Frida appeared on stage on Thursday 11 April to pay a heartfelt tribute to her friend and past festival co-patron Jon Lord, who passed away last July. Frida also attended the concert of British band Morcheeba with singer Skye Edwards last night. This year's performers included Bryan Ferry, Mando Diao and Marianne Faithfull.

    Frida at Zermatt Unplugged 2013 Frida at Zermatt Unplugged 2013

    Thanks to Michael Scheiber


  • Björn visited Helsinki, Finland this past week for some more promotion for ABBA The Museum. On Wednesday 10 April, he watched the performance of Kristina at Svenska Teatern. On Thursday 11 April, along with Mattias Hansson and Visit Sweden, he held a press conference for ABBA The Museum at Finlandia Hall´s café. Björn said that since so many Finns visit Sweden, it is important to spread the information about the museum in Finland. When asked if was there any item from the ABBA era he did not want to give to the museum, Björn said that he had never been the collecting type, so he has given away everything that he has found.
    Appearing live on the Finnish morning programme "Min Morgon" the same day, Björn said that he and Benny have been very pleased with the Kristina production at Svenska Teatern. He said he will also attend the final performance on 23 May. The interview (with English subtitles) can be viewed here.

    When asked if the members will be attending the opening, Björn told Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat: "Agnetha will be in London promoting her new album. But the other three will all be there."

    Speaking with Hufvudstadsbladet (Hbl), Finland's post popular Swedish-language newspaper, Björn said that the collobration with the theatre will continue as Mamma Mia! will premiere there in September 2014, though no contract has yet been signed.

  • Björn also recorded an interview for "Hjalliksen kanssa", a Finnish TV talk show hosted by Hjallis Harkimo, which airs on Thursday nights on the MTV3 channel in Finland.

    Thanks to Pentti Koponen

    Björn in Helsinki April 2013

    Björn in helsinki April 2013   Björn in Helsinki April 2013

ABBA at the London wax museum

April 10, 2013

  • Special guest Bonnie Tyler will unveil the waxwork models of ABBA at Madame Tussauds in Berlin on April 20, 2013.

    Many thanks to Barbara Beenen!

April 5, 2013
  • ABBA No. 69 has been published and mailed to all of our members! We've got another great issue for you chock full of the latest news, exclusive interviews, rare photos, special features, another A3 size ABBA poster, and our competition. Of course, we have all the latest on Agnetha's brand new singles and album, including a rundown of all her promotional activities to date.

    No. 69 pp4-5  No. 69 pp10-11

    No. 69 pp12-13  No. 69 pp22-23

    No. 69 pp26-27  No. 69 pp18-19

    In No. 69, you'll find:

    - Agnetha Is Back: 5-page feature
    - An exclusive interview with Mattias Hansson, CEO of ABBA Museum, with the very latest on the museum's preparations
    - Report: Björn in Berlin and Cannes, including exclusive photos from the Berlin press conference
    - Report: Premiere of of Hjälp Sökes, Benny and Björn's latest success
    - Exclusive interview with Christer Borg, author of the seminal 1977 book on ABBA, "Fenomenet ABBA"
    - Part 3 of our special "Something's Going On" feature: Scrapbook featuring rare articles and memorabilia
    - Interview with Robert Noack and Oskar Nilsson of the Finnish production of Kristina från Duvemåla
    - Our competition and member ads – win copies of Agnetha's new CD, "A"
    - Poster Special: Agnetha Rolled Posters
    - A3 size poster with a great ABBA photo from 1975

    We would like to once again thank all of our members for their never-ending support. We look forward to your feedback on the latest fan club issue!

  • In reference to the inquiries we have received about events ahead of the official opening of ABBA The Museum, Mattias Hansson has confirmed there will be no "traditional gala" opening for the ABBA museum, but a housewarming party for the entire Swedish Music Hall of Fame with specially-invited members from the Swedish music industry on May 6th.

  • Here is some Kristina från Duvemåla news, courtesy of Pennti Koponen (thank you, Pennti!):

    Kristina från Duvemåla will soon leave Helsinki. The last performance will be on May 23, 2013. All in all, over 100.000 people will have seen Kristina during its run at Svenska Teatern. Maria Ylipää has publicly announced that she is pregnant, but will continue in the title role.

    In February 2012, Benny told Sweden's TV4 that a Finnish translation of Kristina is complete and that it will be staged in Tampere. No announcement yet as to when and in which of the two main theatres in Tampere it will be staged.

    Late last year, Björn told the press that Kristina will return to Sweden in about one to two years. This year, Kulturnytt (culture news of Swedish radio), reported that GöteborgsOperan in Gothenburg would be the location, and that it would be the shortened version created for Svenska Teatern in Helsinki. Görel Hanser told Kulturnytt that "there's interest" regarding Kristina in Gothenburg, but that discussions are still going on.

March 29, 2013

  • Agnetha's CD single "When You Really Loved Someone" may be ordered from for 3.49 Euros!
    Thanks to Andreas Hansen.

March 28, 2013
  • Tribute concert in Bad Bentheim The ABBA tribute show "ABBA Fever" will take place at the Schlosspark Bad Bentheim in Germany on June 28, 2013 at 9:00 PM local time.

  • "When You Really Loved Someone" by Agnetha will now be released as physical CD single on April 15, 2013, but not in Germany. The 1-track CD single may be preordered from .

  • Benny has been nominated for the Nordic Film Composer Award HARPA 2013 for his film music for "Palme". The award ceremony will take place at the international film festival Kosmorama in Trondheim on April 21.

March 26, 2013
  • Tribute concert in Berlin The ABBA tribute show "Dancing Queen" will take place on August 30, 2013 at 8:00 PM local time at the Berlin Tierpark in Germany. Tickets for 22 Euros can be bought via phone +49 30-51 53 14 07, from the Tierpark box office Schloss Friedrichsfelde, from all ticket agencies and from Eventim.

March 23, 2013
  • Universal Music has confirmed there will be a vinyl issue of Agnetha's new album "A". The album will be released in Germany on May 10, in the rest of Europe on May 13 and in the U.S. on May 14.

March 15, 2013
  • Here are photos of Agnetha during the taping of Skavlan yesterday. The show will be broadcast on SVT 1 tomorrow evening. The host, Fredrik Skavlan, conducted a nice interview with Agnetha; other guests were Norwegian novelist Dag Solstad, Danish actress Sidse Babett Knudsen and Swedish tennis champion Mats Wilander (pictured below with Agnetha and Fredrik). Agnetha said she will be in London for 10 days to promote her new album; she will spend an extended amount of time there as she is still afraid of flying after some bad experiences and needs a few days to recover from the flight. You can watch a short clip here.

    Read more about the interview and see more exclusive photos in our next ABBA issue, No. 69. Special thanks to Micke Bayart!

    Agnetha on Skavlan Agnetha on Skavlan
    Agnetha on Skavlan
    Agnetha on Skavlan


March 14, 2013

  • In response to the many enquiries we have received and in order to avoid confusion, both of Agnetha's singles ("The One Who Loves You Now" in Germany and "When You Really Love Someone" in the rest of the world) are available for download only, not as physical singles.


March 12, 2013

  • Agnetha will be a guest on the popular Scandinavian show Skavlan this week. The show is being taped on Thursday and will be broadcast on SVT1 Friday, March 15 at 21.00 local time.

  • Agnetha gave an exclusive phone interview to Lotta Bromé of P4 Extra radio today. Radio Sweden has a summary in English here. The summary mentions that she is booked for promotional appearances in London at the same time as the opening of ABBA The Museum. The entire interview in Swedish can be heard here.


March 11, 2013

  • Agnetha's new official website is now live containing brand new photos and the video for "When You Really Loved Someone".


  • BBC News has interviewed Agnetha over the phone from Stockholm about her new album. Agnetha told the BBC she hasn't yet met Gary Barlow, with whom she duets on her new album, but hopes to meet him soon as she is planning a promotional trip to the UK. Read the entire article here.

New Agnetha album artwork

  • We are pleased to bring you confirmed news regarding Agnetha's much-awaited album and single releases at this time!

    In Germany, Agnetha's first single off her new album will be "The One Who Loves You Now", released today, March 11, 2013. It will be downloadable from iTunes as well as other digital outlets in Germany, and radio airplay will begin as well. Other countries will see "When You Really Loved Someone" as their single release today.

    The album, titled "A", will be released on May 10, 2013. It will contain 10 songs. Here is the track listing:

    1. The One Who Loves You Now
    2. When You Really Loved Someone
    3. Perfume In the Breeze
    4. I Was a Flower
    5. I Should’ve Followed You Home
    6. Past Forever
    7. Dance Your Pain Away
    8. Bubble
    9. Back On Your Radio
    10. I Keep Them On the Floor Beside My Bed

    "I Should've Followed You Home" is a duet with Gary Barlow of Take That, while "I Keep Them On The Floor Beside My Bed" has been co-written by Agnetha herself at home in the countryside. The thoughtful-sounding "Bubble" aptly expresses Agnetha's attitude towards glamour and the limelight, "Dance Your Pain Away" is a rousing disco number, "Back On Your Radio" is crystal clear pop, while "Past Forever" is a piano-based track with its chorus containing something kind of like Agnetha's life motto: "What can't be broken: the kind of love that lasts."

    Agnetha spoke about her new album at Stockholm's Grand Hotel. In the accompanying press release, she talks about how she felt when she went into the studio for the first time together with producers Jörgen Elofsson and Peter Nordahl: "The album as such didn't worry me, but my voice really did. I had not sung for such a long time, so I must have thought: What should I do if it's suddenly gone?"

    "It was a good friend of mine who got all this going", explains Agnetha. "She called me and told me that Jörgen Elofsson and Peter Nordahl wanted to play a few of their compositions for me. So they came by and played three songs for me, and I just thought: 'For heaven's sake, I just have to join in'. It felt exactly like the right kind of challenge. I asked my daughter: 'What do you think? Should I do it?' and she answered: 'You should think about this thoroughly. Everything could start all over again.' The recording sessions were wonderful, but you have to face that these recordings may have consequences afterwards."

    Read much more of Agnetha's comments on her new album in our next ABBA Fan Club issue No. 69! We will have single artwork for you later today.


March 9, 2013

  • We have received many emails and enquiries regarding Agnetha's new single and album as there has been a fair amount of confusion about it online. We will have some confirmed news for you this Monday, March 11, so please check our website then!


March 7, 2013

  • Correction: The show Musikladen - The Best of ABBA on March 10, 2013 at 18:45 local time is not on NDR, but on Radio Bremen TV.

    NDR1 Radio MV will broadcast an exclusive interview with Björn on March 10 at 9:00 AM.

    Thanks to Ralf!

March 6, 2013
  • Björn visited the ITB in Berlin today with Mattias Hansson to promote ABBA - The Museum. A detailed report will follow in our next ABBA Fan Club Magazine No. 69. Many thanks to Micke Bayart.

    Björn at the ITB fair in Berlin

March 4, 2013
  • The U.S. Amazon site has listed Agnetha's brand new single on its website with a release date of March 11. The listing also includes new cover artwork. The single is titled "When You Really Loved Someone". We will let you know as soon as we have more information.

    Agnetha New Single


February 14, 2013

  • As many of you have probably heard, there are new promotional photos of Agnetha circulating on the web, very likely related to her upcoming album release. We have been asked why we have not published these photos on our website. The reason is simple: although these appear to be official promotional shots, we have not been able to identify the source of the photos to date as they have only been seen on Facebook and a music forum.

    We have asked Universal for more details and for permission to publish the photos both on our website and upcoming fan club magazine, and are waiting for news on the album and surrounding promotional activity. We appreciate your understanding and respect of our editorial discretion, particularly concerning new promotional photos that have not yet been officially identified or endorsed.


February 8, 2013

  • Benny attended the dress rehearsal of Hjälp Sökes at Orionteatern last night. More photos and reports in our next issue. Thanks to Maik Dünkel!

    Hjälp Sökes Press Premiere   Hjälp Sökes Press Premiere


February 2, 2013

  • A press conference for Hjälp Sökes, Benny and Björn's newest musical project, was held yesterday at the Orionteatern a week ahead of the premiere with ensemble cast and creative team present. Two scenes were performed, one featuring the two lead male characters and one with Sofia Pekkari singing the song "Bortom Sol och Måne (Beyond Sun and Moon)". Interviews were also held with the press. More photos in our next issue. Special thanks to Micke Bayart!

    Here is a short video by SVT featuring short statements by Björn and Benny and the rest of the team.

    Hjälp Sökes Press Conference 1-2-13  Hjälp Sökes Press Conference 1-2-13

    Hjälp Sökes Press Conference 1-2-13

January 21, 2013

  • Benny won the Guldbaggen Award for Best Music for his work for Palme at the 2013 Guldbaggen awards ceremony in Stockholm tonight. Here is a clip of Benny accepting his award. Congratulations!


January 20, 2013

  • In obscure cover news, Swedish heavy metal band Ghost has recorded a version of "I'm a Marionette" as the b-side to their single "Secular Haze" off their forthcoming second album. Dave Grohl, founder of the Foo Fighters and former member of Nirvana, has produced and played drums on the track.

    "We are Swedish, and ABBA has always been a very, very strong part of our modern musical heritage. ABBA basically took a few hundred years of traditional Swedish music and made it into pop songs. So ABBA has a deeper meaning to us," said the band in an interview. The cover will be released as a 10" vinyl single and on CD on Loma Vista Recordings, while it is already available for purchase on Spotify. Here is the studio version, while a live version can also be viewed here. Thanks to our American correspondent Maria!

  • SVT aired "Benny Andersson och orgeln med 9000 pipor (Benny Andersson and the organ with 9000 pipes)" yesterday; the show traced the history of the organ and included Benny's full performance of "En skrift i snön" at the Piteå Studio Acusticum last October. The full programme is viewable in Sweden here, while the performance can be viewed on YouTube here.

  • Hansi Schwarz, Björn's former bandmate in the Hootenanny Singers and personal friend, unfortunately passed away on Friday, January 11 after a long illness. He was 70 years old. Hansi was also the founder of Västervik's Visfestivalen, which has become one of Sweden's most important folk music festivals; plans are already underway for the 47th annual festival this summer. Here is a report by Västerviks Tidningen. Björn wrote a heartfelt tribute to his friend which appeared in the same newspaper the next day.


January 18, 2013

  • ABBA GOLD is the all time best selling album in Switzerland since the album charts started in 1982. It re-entered the charts last week, is now at position 33 and has spent 278 weeks in the charts.
    Thanks to Charly!

January 11, 2013
  • ABBA GOLD has re-entered the U.S. Billboard Charts (January 12) at number 36, which is the all time highest position for this record. GOLD is in the Top 200 for 129 weeks now. It is also number 4 in the Catalog charts with 456 weeks.
    Thanks to Ralf!

January 5, 2013
  • Benny has been nominated for a Guldbaggen Award for the music he wrote for Palme, the recent documentary about the late Swedish prime minister Olof Palme. Guldbaggen is an official Swedish film award given annually since 1964 by the Swedish Film Institute. The awards ceremony will take place on January 21st at 8:00 p.m. at the Cirkus arena in Stockholm.

  • The final season of Kristina från Duvemåla at Svenska Teatern in Helsinki got underway on January 4. Matilda Ambre, Maria Ylipää's understudy, played the title role; she did not use a wig. Pastor Jackson was portrayed by Swedish actor Jonas Eskilsson, who is not in the reqular ensemble. The same goes for Helen Elde, who interpreted Fina-Kajsa. A new actor also played Karl Oskar's father, but his name was not on the screens where performing understudies are announced. Here are some photos of Ambre (with Robert Noack), Elde and Eskilsson. Thanks to Pentti Koponen!

    Last season of Kristina in Finland

January 1, 2013
  • Agnetha's spokesperson Staffan Lindé confirmed to Aftonbladet this past weekend that Agnetha has recorded a duet with Gary Barlow, member of the hugely successful British pop group Take That, for her new album. The song has reportedly been written by Barlow. The two were introduced by mutual friend Jörgen Elofsson, who is producing Agnetha's new album.

  • Dagens Nyheter published a new interview with Björn on December 27th about his feelings on religion and God around the Christmas season. Björn discusses his views on rituals as well as the serenity he is able to find in cathedrals and churches from his childhood. He was also photographed in Stockholm's Hedvig Eleonora Church.

  • The Guardian published an article about the new ABBA museum on December 29th containing some new details and quotes from managing director Mattias Hansson.

    About the origins of the idea for a museum: "Obviously, from a Swedish state point of view it should have already been around for many years, because it's one of the most famous Swedish brands ever. We know from the tourism office in Stockholm that each and every year they receive thousands of questions from tourists about where to go to see something about ABBA, and for years they have been forced to say, 'nowhere'."

    About Björn's involvement: "[Björn] has taken a much bigger stake in the company, and that means also intellectually, when it comes to putting his creative mind and time into this. For certain, Björn Ulvaeus is the brightest creative mind I've ever been in the same room with."

    Mattias and Björn are working together on the interactive aspect of the museum experience, also drawing on Mattias' experience as an internet entrepreneur.

    About ticket prices (195 SEK/€23/£18.50): "Given the experience we will provide, it's a pretty fair price."

    About the ABBA members' involvement: "[Frida has] cleaned out her closet. In some way, all four of them will give each and every visitor an extraordinary take on the history of ABBA. They've all been filmed and interviewed for the exhibition."

    About whether the members will attend the opening: "I will be wondering about that until 10 minutes before the opening ceremony, because they don't usually do things together … But I cross my fingers."

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